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Wrap me in Trees


Loved it! 😍

An honest and vivid read. Wrap Me in Trees is worth reading and I wasn't disappointed!

Wrap Me in Trees follows the life of Grace and her family. Family life is difficult for Grace, Ernest and their two children. Living in persistent deprivation and fueled by a desire to give her family a better life, Grace moves to the UK, hoping to find a new job in the medical field.

This novel takes its reader on a journey through the decades from Nigeria to the UK. While in the UK, Grace struggles to make ends meet. She misses her family and tries to get used to a new culture. I love that Grace is determined to make things work. She has a warrior spirit and wants the best for her family.

Back in Nigeria, Ernest tries his best to raise the children. Similar to Grace, he experiences many hardships. Yet, he never gives up. Persuaded by Grace, who finds it difficult to readjust to Nigerian life when she visits, he decides to immigrate to the UK with the children.

T Kenny explores different challenges that Grace and her family face. From cultural uncertainties to familial tension and heartache, Wrap Me in Trees paints an honest picture of immigrant life. Kenny has a natural writing style. She evokes laughter as well as sorrow and seamlessly moves between different characters. 

Grace and Ernest make life-changing decisions and leave behind everything that is familiar to them. I think it's fair to say that one must have innate strength to embrace a new culture while not forgetting their roots.

Ernest and Grace write letters to each other. This is a great characteristic of the book as it shows snippets of love. There's poetry too and it's beautiful.

A part of me wishes that the novel could have been longer.

I would recommend this to all readers. It's worth the read.

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Chapter 1 Part 1, 1992 Àkúrẹ́, Òndó State, Nigeria

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T. Kenny was born in Nigeria and has lived in London, Amsterdam and Kampala. She is a keen travel and architectural enthusiast and will travel pretty much anywhere for food and pretty buildings. view profile

Published on July 20, 2020

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