World Above the Fog


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Each poem is full of life and exudes the very essence of why the poet chose to deliver their message through the breathing force of poetry.

Is there a meaning to life? Can good exist without evil? These are questions asked by many of us from time to time, yet, the answers to these questions are diverse and varied. For centuries, many people have given their versions of the answers to these questions and the poet of this collection adds to it. However, she takes a different approach that is supposed to get readers thinking; she provides room for the pondering of these questions, allowing the reader to arrive at their own answers to these questions. 

The first aspect of this book that got me reeled in is the illustrations! They are beautifully designed to capture the thoughts and emotions of her corresponding poems. I like the illustration type and how they cover one page through to the page of the poems, adding life to the artistic creation that this book is. 

World above the Fog has eleven poems, and each poem exudes the very essence of why the poet, A.S. Hribar, chose to deliver her message through the breathing force of poetry. The poems are told in free verse but have a particular rhythm to them.

“Third Child”, the opening poem, begins the book just right, setting the tone and putting the reader’s mind in the right frame for the journey that is to come. 

“A higher force commands her
To keep on writing day and night
A higher force commands her
To write and write, while losing her eyesight…”

“The Battle Between Good and Evil” adds to the beautifully crafted verses in the book with its unique way of presenting the life-long question of good versus evil. 

“When you look at it in a mythical way,
The evil and the good have always fought to win:

Another point that I believe is the selling point of this book is how each poem, though different and separate in their own right, seem to have a story to tell. They all come together to weave a string of tales you'd love to be a part of. 

I would recommend this book to lovers of poetry and art, people who admire great art and its fusion with art where there is a connection to be a part of. If you are conservative about poetry forms, still wanting your poems to rhyme and include most of the classical structures, then this book is not for you. That said, I would urge you to give it a try as I think it will be worth your time.

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Boakye D. Alpha is a published author, poet, scriptwriter, editor, proofreader, blogger, motivational speaker, student journalist, and entrepreneur among other things. He is currently a student at KNUST, Ghana- Africa, in his 4th year pursuing a Bachelor of Arts, English.


This collection of poems invites the reader to ponder life-long questions about good and evil, and about the meaning of life.

Beautifully illustrated, the poems take the reader into a mysterious "world above the fog".

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Through a maze of incredible coincidences the author experienced insights which transformed her thinking and led her to recognize a higher purpose to her existence. The result is the Third Child Trilogy. Visit A.S. Hribar at view profile

Published on December 24, 2020

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