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This book simply does not seem to stand alone and I do not recommend it to others.

Work Spouse by Pax Sinclair is the beginning of a two-part mini-series about Chloe Ivarsson and her new boss, Jax Bennett. When her boss, Councilman Peterson, loses the race for District 5 Councilman of San Pacitas, California, tech-mogul Jax Bennett takes his place. Chloe's sister, Kellis, and her brother-in-law, Kurt, don't understand why Chloe is so upset until they arrive home and Chloe tells them Jax is that Jax Bennett: the one that broke her heart all those years ago in college when he unceremoniously dumped her and left her for Princeton. Chloe has designs on the City Manager position, but can she stand to work with Jax?

This book has a somewhat interesting plot and some intriguing twists you won't see coming. It also ends on a huge cliff-hanger, so be prepared to wait for book two. I really liked the relationship development between Chloe and Jax and also between Chloe and other characters. It was compelling to see how all the characters fit together.

I did have some issues with this book. There are a couple of errors, such as the word "join" instead of "joint" and other similar errors. This did not distract me from my reading, but I think this book could use one more round of editing. Also, the character development wasn't really great. The author states that Jax has a "reputation." This reputation was explained a little bit later on, but I think I would have preferred to hear more about this, as it doesn't seem to fit with the storyline. This was a huge problem for me, as some of the book didn't quite make sense. I will note that the author cites other books with the same characters, so some of this could be background knowledge, but if that's the case, the work doesn't make sense alone.

Overall, I didn't love this book. I felt the storyline was okay, but I had major problems with parts of it. There were some interesting aspects, and it wasn't a bad book, but I wouldn't recommend it to others to read. There were errors, both in grammar and plot, and the book doesn't seem to stand alone.

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Pax is a contemporary romance novelist who writes about the steamy, sexy side of the high-power tech world of Silicon Valley. Sure, her stories are about billionaire tech moguls, but you'll also meet other characters that make the valley sizzle. view profile

Published on February 26, 2021

50000 words

Contains graphic explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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