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Woodson Falls: 16 Lakeview Terrace


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Lawyer Gaby Quinn stumbles upon a mystery while settling an estate of a local in her tiny New England town.

Gabriella Quinn is living the quiet life of a small-town lawyer. Life has delt her a hand she never thought she would have to play. Not so very long ago she lived in New York City with her beloved husband. Her world came crashing down the night he was murdered and she was seriously injured by an unknown assailant in the city they both loved. Moving to Woodson Falls and her adored dog Kat are the two things helping her cope with the residual pain and fear from the attack.

When she is called upon to settle the estate of Pieter Jorgenson, a Woodson Falls resident, she happily takes the case. Unfortunately, this case will be anything but ordinary. He was an odd man. He was feuding with his neighbors, and yet he was a kind and compassionate crossing guard for the elementary school children. A loner skilled in woodworking, he seems to have ties in New York City as he was found there, dead in his truck.

As Gaby begins collecting information to settle the estate, she contacts his only known relative, an uncle who paints a picture of Jorgenson as a bullied young boy that grew up to be a loner. One evening after gathering papers from the dead man’s home, Gaby is rammed by a vehicle on the way home. She is shaken, but not hurt. Luckily Officer Matt Thomas was patrolling the area and helped Gaby get a tow truck for her car and got her home safely.

As luck would have it, Matt has ties to New York, and helps grease the wheels for her with the NYPD when she has to go looking for information on Jorgenson’s death. The deeper she digs, the more secrets she finds. Jorgenson apparently was not the man many people thought he was – but who and what exactly was he?

I loved this fast-paced mystery. The characters, especially Gaby and Jorgenson, have many layers that are interesting to peel back and discover. The solid plot that ties up all loose ends in the final chapters is perfect for mystery lovers as well as legal thriller fans. Readers will latch on to this and not let go until the final pages.

This is the first book I have read by Andrea O’Connor but will not be my last. She has previously published several non-fiction books. Woodson Falls: 16 Lakeview Terrace is her first venture into fiction. I absolutely loved her writing style as well as the plot and characters. I’m adding her to my favorites list so that I can snatch up her next book as soon as it hits the shelves. I highly recommend you check out this fabulous debut fiction author.

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Andrea O’Connor is the author of three award-winning texts in the area of nursing education and staff development as well as numerous articles in peer-reviewed nursing and education journals. Woodson Falls: 16 Lakeview Terrace is her first foray into the world of fiction, but it won’t be her last. view profile

Published on August 25, 2020

Published by Emerald Lake Books

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Genre: Legal Thriller

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