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Wog in a Fish Shop


Worth reading 😎

1960s Australia from the eyes of a Greek boy.. Funny and informative read.

It always interests me to learn about a culture by observing (or reading) about its people and how they behave in a group. And for that reason Wog in a Fish Shop seemed a perfect book to learn about the Greeks. My observations have also led me to come to this conclusion - immigrants outside of their home country are sort of lost in a time warp; in their desperation to hold-on to the traditions, they are unable to move with the times. I’ve seen this way too often with Indians living in the UK. This book further reinforced this - no matter where you come from, a group of immigrants in a foreign country will show similar behaviours. 

Wog in a Fish Shop is the author’s account of his days as a young Greek boy who grew up in Adelaide, Australia in the 1960s. It is an honest account of his observations, which at times are hilarious, other times horrifying, and more often than not horrifyingly hilarious. I enjoyed reading about the subtle nuances that I wouldn’t have known otherwise - for e.g. Greeks and their love for concrete in houses and of course the lovely Greek cuisine. Any mention/description of the food and I was salivating.

The book reads like a collection of short stories. There are chapters and each chapter is further divided into ‘topics’. Under these topics, the author narrates his story or gives a description. Some of these topics are interesting, others I found too boring. For e.g. the one with the TV shows was unnecessary and long, I ended up skipping that section, but I enjoyed reading about a section on candies, having tried most of them myself. So perhaps it is a question of preference.

When I picked this book I was expecting a story, but what I found was a disjointed collection of essays put together under random chapters. If you’re interested to know about the Australia in the 60s, this would be a good reference book. (Even though I stayed in the country for 5 years, I couldn’t relate to anything, but that is understandable of course.)

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Published on November 01, 2020

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