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William: The Man, The Myth and The Mafia


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A tour de force narrative about a talented entrepreneur who battles various struggles in building an empire. An absorbing read.

William Whiteley is a man who is a scion of a growing empire. His family made a living on liquor and tobacco, he has learned the tricks of the trade from an early age. William was born in England, but his youth was marred by an acrimonious split between parents. William had an affinity for wine, which he parlayed into studying vineyards across the globe. As William learned the family business, he became noticed by other distillers. He dismayed his mother by accepting a position with another distillery. William distinguished himself at Munro & Sons with his innovative sales & marketing techniques. 

William found success of a different sort when he met Josephine. Despite a noticeable age difference, their feelings were genuine, they’d soon be married. Josephine proved to be a more than capable partner in love and business, as she provided comfort and advice, as William stepped out on his own in his distilling business. While Whiteley & Co. started its rise, the rumblings of prohibition began to stir in the United States. The money to be made in the liquor business fluctuated with the change in times. William’s Whiskey was noticed by the likes of Gangster Frank Costello. Costello reached out through a partner and made William a offer to take over his business. William was no fool, but wasn't a pushover either. He was more inclined to provide liquor and stay out of the rough stuff. This was typical of William’s intelligent business skills. A long life would be assured by not rocking the boat. William’s empire continued to soar even as the world began to approach the destructive precipice of war.

William: The Man, The Myth and The Mafia” is an extremely interesting book about a man helming a family business. The eclectic cast of characters move in and out of William’s life at a hectic pace, but leave indelible imprints on his long life. A unique life story to enjoy.

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Gates Whiteley was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1940. Trained as a lawyer, he made his living as a management consultant to the health professions. Married for over forty years, Gates has five children and has resided in San Antonio for more than fifty-five years. His first book was published 2017. view profile

Published on June 03, 2019

Published by Trubador/Matador

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