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Why Can't Summer Be Like Pizza? (Book 2 of The Pizza Chronicles series)


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A sensitive topic told with care about a likeable teen discovering who he really is.

I found the story and RV to be full of heart and it made me wish God had graced me with a little brother. Being that the main character in this story is questioning his sexuality I felt that how it was presented and handled was done extremely well. It's not easy to be a teenager especially one struggling about whether they may or may not be gay. Summer did not turn out as RV had imagined it. His very best friend Chloe ended up going to Paris to spend time with her dad and Bobby has a jam-packed summer full of football practices and a part-time job his dad is forcing him to do. Not to mention his own confusion with his sexuality. Though he is somewhat farther in his journey than RV, he's still somewhat unsure and certainly, thanks to his overly masculine dad feels the need to overcompensate his manliness.

Things at home are also stressful for RV as his parents are still working hard towards getting their US citizenship. They also ask him to work the summer at a gas station of a family friend that unbeknownst to them actually turns out to be rather dangerous. Luckily, RV has the guidance of his teacher from school Mr. Aniso. He is fast becoming an excellent mentor and someone who he can trust to help her decipher the confusion that is being a teenager. I wish I had someone like Mr. Aniso for guidance when I was growing up. I hope there are more novels in this serious as I enjoyed this novel and its predecessor a well.

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I am a 36-year-old freelance writer. As a child, I was on the CTW show Sesame Street and since then have harbored a profound love for books. Whenever I was immobile due to wearing a cast I would be reading. No matter how much stress I am dealing with day to day a book takes me away from it all.

Summer Solstice

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Andy V. Roamer grew up in the Boston and moved to New York City after college. He worked in book publishing for many years. This is his second novel about RV, the teenage son of immigrants from Lithuania in Eastern Europe. To relax, Andy loves to ride his bike, read, watch indie movies, and travel. view profile

Published on June 01, 2020

Published by Nine Star Press

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Genre: Young Adult

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