Who's There?


Not for me 😔

A collection of short stories that will bring the reader face to face with a banshee, the devil & a ghost seeking revenge from the grave.

This collection of stories is not for everyone. While the author is creating creepy tales that have roots in Indonesia, the tales themselves fall short of being complete and spooking the reader. Short stories are by their nature short in length; they should not fall short in connection to the characters or the plot. The underlying themes of forgotten loves and heartache, as well as coping with death of a family member and domestic violence are universal enough that the reader can relate no matter where they are from. However, each story feels incomplete and a little confusing at times.


The author is creative in the story ideas. Each short story conveys a lesson on being unfaithful or dishonest, on grieving for a loved one, on domestic violence and self-mutilation. Since these topics are felt across the globe, the reader doesn’t need to connect with the character(s) to feel emotion. The most emotional story in this collection for me was the phone call one. Who wouldn’t want to talk on the phone with a deceased relative that they miss desperately? If these stories had a bit more depth in the storyline and characters, this collection would be a homerun.

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Dimas Rio was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on December 28, 1985. His first novel, "Dinner with Saucer" (2006) and was shortlisted in the "Talented Young Writer" category on the 2007 Khatulistiwa Literary Award in Indonesia. "Who's There? (A Collection of Stories)" is his second published book. view profile

Published on December 15, 2019

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