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Who is looking back?


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A sweeping tale of political intrigue, alien encounters, and two gifted astronomy students

Who is Looking Back? is a relatively short book packed with so many diverse concepts and ideas that it's mind-boggling.

The story begins innocently enough with two astronomy students accepting their professor's offer of participating in an exciting project. The origins and personality traits of these students is discussed with sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and even droll humor.

The roller-coaster ride begins when the narrative shifts to political intrigue, with governments scrambling to hide evidence of alien presence while trying to figuring out if they are friendly. In addition, a secret organization seeks to control the world through its evil machinations.

The author takes great leaps from scene to scene, making it a bit difficult for me to follow the story. It takes some effort to wrap one's head around the enormity of it all.

I think the author could have added more information to flesh out the characters and the scenes and helped the reader understand the events better. The connections between the various events are not always clear; occasionally I had to re-read a few pages.

The writing style is casual, friendly--almost like your friend was relating an account of the events to you. The pacing makes you feel like you're being taken on a high-speed ride around the world.

I must appreciate the research that has gone into this book. There are plenty of technical details that I was unaware of. Also, I think the way political intrigue has been portrayed is excellent--you get a sense of how people pull strings and prevent others from getting ahead, no matter how honorable their intentions are.

What I would have liked to see is a more tightly-written story with better developed characters, and clearer demarcation of scenes/locations.

The e-book is well-formatted, something I don't always see in ARCs. It was a pleasure to read and quite easy on the eye.

For readers who enjoy stories about encounters and conflict/cooperation between aliens and humans--and all the ensuing chaos, this book is for you.

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I live in New Jersey with my wife Nathalie and best dog ever Rudy.  In this book I hope the combination of science fiction, current history and female empowerment will bring enjoyment during this time of pandemic and social struggle for all who deserve to share equally in the world we invision. view profile

Published on June 16, 2020

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