White City


Loved it! 😍

A highly imaginative rollercoaster of a ride! Highly recommended for fans of neo-noir mysteries.

Dreamy and Surrealistic. That is how I'd describe this book in two words to anyone asking. White City by Alex Exarchos is a psychological thriller that transports the reader into a world of a wild cacophony of terrifying nightmares blending together with lust and sin driving your every action. It's a place where you're either a part of the Power, or you belong to the People.

Alex Exarchos's writing is raw and powerful. Although I was completely immersed in his writing, a trigger warning would be mention of rape, many times. Also, maybe I'm just nitpicking but as a student of both language and literature, it bothers me to see a few grammatical errors and misplacement of punctuations here and there. Apart from that, I loved the twists and turns and the perfect revelation moments. The characters were all really fascinating as well.

Mary Strong is a student pursuing a Ph.D. in sociology, who earned my attention instantly in the first few pages, is surprised to find out that her lecturer, Dr. Stein, went missing on the same day as her grandma fifty years ago. When she learns that her friend Lydia's visions carry startling parallels to those of her own, she is further puzzled. This triggers her to set out on a mission to solve the mystery of the recurring disturbing dreams.

She then cautiously told me that in her dreams the rapist wasn’t talking at all, with
one single exception: the fisting in the end of the nightmare, when he repeatedly
whispered to her ear my name: “Mary”.
This, somehow and irrespective of the fact that my name is one of the most common ones, at least in the western world, answered my “why” question; as to the “how”, Lydia told me she instinctively knew - meaning: she could not logically justify it - that I would probably receive a message in some dream, a message that would be of critical importance in identifying and finding her rapist.

Oh boy, this was a wild, wild ride! At its heart, this book is a little gem, although I emphasize it's rough around the edges (and in need of a polishing). I highly recommend it to fans of neo-noir mysteries as well as readers who flock to tales of breakdowns in society, surviving in post-apocalyptic dystopias, and other, ahem... light reading!

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PART I: MIND - Chapter 1: First Street  

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Alex Exarchos was born in downtown Athens, Greece some 40 years ago and currently lives in Frankfurt, Germany. Unique, inspiring and heart-capturing story-telling has been his key obsession, motivation and purpose in life ever since he became aware of himself. Alex has published six books. view profile

Published on November 05, 2020

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Dystopian

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