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Where's My Ball?: A Daisy and Ash adventure


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Not for me 😔

There is no point or wisdom to be gleam from this story; it basically assumes that children enjoy reading.

Where's My Ball? A Daisy and Ash adventure is an adventure story about two dogs looking for a ball and when they find it, they play a little, then go to sleep.

While it is true that children do enjoy a good adventure story, this book lacks one of the most fundamental elements of a good children's story - imagination. I do believe the author has a story here, but it needs to be further developed.

This book is best suited for infants or very early readers, who may find it soothing to hear their parents narrate it. But more advanced readers will find it less interesting because the dogs do not actually do much with the red ball after they find it.

I must give credit to the illustrator, who did an awesome job illustrating this book. His drawings are both aesthetically pleasing and entertaining! However, while the illustrations are epic, sadly, the story lacks child-like wonder.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this book. Both the characters and the plot need to be further developed. I genuinely wanted to like it, but after reading it several times, I have come to the sad conclusion that this is not a book I could recommend. 

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Oh no! Ash can't find his red ball. Will you help Ash and his friend Daisy look for the red ball?

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Published on December 12, 2020

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