Wanted for Pleasure, Trained for Sin


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Worth reading 😎

A steamy story in a short package, this book has bondage, domination, and romance nicely presented with good writing.

William and Carol are looking for something, or should I say, someone. The story starts with the couple at a slave auction. They slip backstage to find numerous slaves available. As they go down the row, touching and playing as they see fit, William shakes his head at many of the men and women up for auction. The auctioneer calls time and they head to the seating area. Will William and Carol find the slave they've been looking for?

Wanted for Pleasure, Trained for Sin by Katt Pemble was very short but very kinky. It was a wild ride that kept my attention throughout. The book is essentially two erotic scenes: one at the auction and the other back at home. Both scenes were well written and interesting. I never knew just quite what to expect from the next page.

This book does have some kinky aspects. Readers should be aware of that. This is not your average romance but is instead a short erotic novella. I felt that even with only three chapters, a good story was written. William and Carol's relationship is clearly described and fascinating. I was surprised that this skilled writer managed to form such an elaborate relationship in such a short book. One thing I loved about this book was how much William truly cares for Carol and how easily this is shown through his actions.

As the story begins with a slave auction, it is clear that this book is pretty heavily BDSM, with an emphasis on bondage and domination. Lovers of brief encounters with great build-up will love this book, as long as they have an open mind to BDSM. This would make a great night-cap! I would recommend this to steamy romance lovers looking for a full story in a short package.

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Published on January 16, 2021

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Contains graphic explicit content ⚠️

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