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A refreshing and colourful journey through prose that will warm your heart

The first thing I noticed from opening up the pdf version of this book was the length of the poems contained. Normally I prefer to read shorter, more condensed poetry. But in this case I found I enjoyed the longer hand text, the poems flowed so wonderfully and I found the authors ability to capture scenes and emotions in verse to be of a very enjoyable standard. It takes a food writer to be able to create images so artfully with the written word alone and I found myself appreciating this throughout reading this book. Not only does the book create detailed mental images but also stimulates strong emotions and that is the hallmark of good poetry for me.

The book is a collection of poems titled ‘to those who...’ and I found this to be a unique concept that I really enjoyed. Particularly as a majority of the subjects, I’m sure, are felt by most people at some point in their lives. I found the book to be really refreshing and a lovely colourful journey of internal reflection. The synopsis surmises this and ends with a ‘perhaps you will find one written to you’ and I think this is a lovely sentiment. Especially to think of the book as a series of letters, some of which will probably resonate with the majority of readers. I like to see books with a somewhat personalised touch and I feel like this book manages to encompass this into its pages.  

Contemporary poetry books like this, I believe, should be at the top of anybody’s to be read list. They have the ability to make us feel understood and appreciated, to help us move on from past traumas. They give us the ability to understand others and empathise with experiences beyond our scope. I would definitely recommend giving this book a read. 

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The longing for belonging

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Acacia Mitchell is a teen from Canada who moved to Scotland in 2015. She has been published on the Rebelution, written for the stage, and is the author of Waiting Spaces, her first published collection. She has a passion for artistic expression and the way that it reflects the Creator. view profile

Published on August 31, 2020

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