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VROOM! Barry, Kari and the Power Boost


Loved it! 😍

The most important part of "VROOM! Barry, Kari and the Power Boost," Barry picked himself back up and kept trying.

It's never a fun experience getting laughed at when you try your best. Poor Barry, the bear, was embarrassed when all the other animals laughed when he fell trying to maneuver in rollerblades for the first time.

 Barry, feeling down, met a speedy skater, who told him to practice. Through his pep talk with Fast Tommy, the monkey, Barry learned a valuable lesson, "The more I practice the better I'll be." Also, it's not about winning or losing; it's about trying. Both of these points are excellent lessons to teach our youngsters. 

So Barry tried, and tried, and kept trying. When he fell, he expressed anger, a typical reaction that kids can relate to, but that's okay. The most important part of VROOM! Barry, Kari and the Power Boost, Barry picked himself back up and kept trying. 

After you finish VROOM! Barry, Kari and the Power Boost by William Wilberforce, discuss with your child or class if there was ever a time someone laughed at them for failing and how they handled it. Or, what have they practiced at really hard? 

I believe VROOM! Barry, Kari and the Power Boost would suit three-year-olds and older. Toddlers might not understand the overall message, but you could discuss the animal names and what's happening on the pages. 

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When a big bear has doubts he can ever be as fast as his friends, he learns that practice and believing in himself will help him reach his dreams. Young Barry the Bear has a need for speed. What he doesn’t need is friends telling him that he’s too big to be fast and won’t ever be able to win the big race. With some positive guidance from a new monkey friend, Barry learns that anything is possible if he puts his mind to it. Author and illustrator William G. Wilberforce III is a personal health coach whose mission is to “serve and help people believe that what they want is possible.”

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All of my stories are based on my life lessons, and experiences that he’s collected, particularly the period of time that I spent in the hospital following two surgeries to save his life. Envisioning these stories during some of the worst days of my life became therapeutic for my healing. view profile

Published on May 03, 2022

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