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Vitality is blood, the stars, the moon, and the soul. Wherever the strength comes from, you'll be captivated by the passion to survive.

This is such a sad tale, but one that is vital to understanding the depths that someone can fall into darkness and isolation. The darkness can be utter destruction, but everyone has found themselves at rock bottom at some point in their lives. There are moments when that darkness shrouds everything and suffocates the light, making you feel invisible to the world. In actuality, we are invisible until you show someone who you are, trusting them with that piece of your soul. What they do with it only depends on how they interpret the world as well. Levere’s first installment takes the reader on journey as the main character struggles to find herself and this story will hold the reader captive until the very end.

Ava has just moved to a town in Massachusetts and agreed to live with a roommate, Delilah. Along with Delilah comes Shane and Danny…and Lithium, an underground party that never dies. That is where Ava first sees Layton, the mysterious man who ignites curiosity and longing in herself. Throwing every warning out to the wind, she is absolutely captivated, no…mesmerized by the darkness that he harbors within death itself. The longing only intensifies as he takes notice of her. He is clouded in shadow and she stands in the light…and both find something that they are missing from their soul, a complete reflection of one another…but his secrets can destroy them both. Constantly being told that only death can be the savior of this relationship, Ava is determined to find love at all costs. Will it be her last hope before all light is lost forever?

Levere’s tale is poetic, dark, and vivacious. This story is one that will grab the reader from the beginning and lure them further into mystery with every chapter. Levere has well-developed characters that are enigmatic and tempting in every sense of the word. There are several who are drawn into the darkness, either by excitement or curiosity and this story will definitely latch on to that desire, some scenes are suffocating and so will take every ounce of strength to turn away. This story does have several spelling and grammatical errors, but since this was an advanced reader copy, we are hopeful that these were corrected upon final inspection before publication. If not, this should not overtly hinder enjoyment of the novel. One of the best aspects of this story is the passion and the emotion that the author uses to describe her characters and their inner demons, no pun intended. This is not for the faint of heart as there are some truly dark scenes within this story of dark romance, and a lingering aspect of the main character's fear of delusions. If you are a reader of dark fantasy and paranormal fiction, you may want to pick up this first installment.

An advanced electronic copy of this book was provided to Turning Another Page by Reedsy Discovery and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a five-star rating to Vitality by Crysta Levere.

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Published on October 23, 2019

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