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Unique Starts with YOU!


Loved it! 😍

Great story-telling and excellent artwork in this beautiful picture book.

A beautifully told story! I enjoyed reading this book with young readers, who gave it excellent reviews as well.

In short, the book is about accepting your unique self and the variations around us, because sameville is too boring. Plus, there is so much more "you" can offer just by being yourself. This book is meant for readers of picture books, particularly children, who I am sure will be able to appreciate the value of this story because of the storyteller's techniques and the excellent artwork.

The picture book is 32 pages long, and is perfect for keeping children's interest, because it invites readers to get involved from the very first page. One of the techniques the writer uses to keep young readers interest is to put a question mark on every other page, which forces the reader to pause and think. She also capitalize words that are fundamental to the story, such as YOU and UNIQUE. Finally, the book ends with the reader invited to write down all the things that make them unique, a task that can be completed many times over.

For picture books, I believe artwork is one of the most important elements, and this book's artwork does the story justice. It fosters insight and allows children's imaginations to blossom. For example, the various children are all illustrated beautifully, using digital illustrations, making the artwork literally pop up out of the book. The text is generally written in black, but the word YOU comes in the colour red. Along with all the words children should use to describe themselves. This clever use of colour makes these words memorable.

The book shines because it invites us to imagine living in a world where everyone is the same. On that page, all the colour drains from the page to emphasize how boring the world would be if this were the case.

I find the best part of the book to be the differences among the children. Some with physical disabilities, others who appear a little eccentric, and still others with racial or cultural differences. Including all of these children means that no child will ever feel left out.

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Are you a resident from the town of SameVille, where everyone looks and acts alike?

If you said no, then this book is for you!

In this book, you will find confident, unique individuals who love life. We are all stars, with unique and different qualities that make us stand out with confidence. Who wants to be the same as everyone else? That is boring!

This inclusive picture book shows the journey of a group of children who confidently show their differences and visually explain why it is OK to be different. Not only are there over 70 different kids portrayed in the story, but this book allows the reader and child to become part of the story by including a drawing or picture of themselves in the book and describe what makes them unique!

This book is an opportunity to talk to the child(ren) about being different and seeing other children who are different. Children who read this book will build self-worth and confidence. The result is a child who wants to make an impact in shaping a wonderfully unique world filled with kind people.

Get the book that shows the power of love, kindness and being yourself!

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Published on November 18, 2019

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