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Olena Rose couldn't have made a better debut. A sublime collection of relatable poems to quench your thirst for poetry.

'Unhindged' is one of the best poetry books I’ve read in recent times. From the first page till the last, Olena's poems had me in a trance. Each and every one of it was soul-stirring. I could relate with her poems on a deeper/personal level and I'm pretty sure that every reader would feel the same. Sometimes, I took my eyes off the screen, closed my eyes and let those lines, emotions, and feelings sink-in. I didn’t read this in a single sitting and I wouldn’t advise you to do that either. It’s a book that should be devoured slowly, little bit little until nothing is left of it. When I first got the book, I made it a point to read a couple of poems every single day, a decision that eventually made the whole reading experience more enjoyable. I half expected the compilation of the poems to be cheesy but the book quashed my assumptions. The choice of words, rhyme scheme, the structure, the intent, and emotions - everything was just perfect. They couldn't have been conveyed any better.

Post-completion of the book, I was brimming with the happiness and satisfaction of having read a good poetry book. I also gave myself a pat on the back for picking it up in the first place. I think it's fair to say that the book is absolutely worth every penny. Its the sort of book which you can re-visit/re-read whenever you're feeling low in life.

I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for Olena's next book. And if it’s a poetry book like this one, I don’t think there’d be another soul happier than me.

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On a break from reading. Going through depression/existential crisis. Trying hard just to stay alive. Won't be active for another 10 months.


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Olena Rose is an American Poet based in New York City. If there is one constant in her life, it is her penchant for writing stories. view profile

Published on May 16, 2020

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