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Two. Three.


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A book that compares and contrasts LeBron James and Michael Jordan to determine who is the best

For the basketball lover, Two. Three is a great book that will take you down the path of examining the careers of two of the greatest basketball players to wear Number Twenty Three: LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

The book is written in first person style, as if this is someone that you are sitting at a sports bar with and having a drink while debating who is the best. The tone may be off-putting, but once you accept that this is how it is written, it works.

Viggiano talks about his own experiences going to Madison Square Garden and his team preference (the Knicks). He thinks that Michael Jordan is the best and doesn't really value LeBron James. However, for the sake of this book, he wants to delve into facts, not just opinions.

Viggiano analyzes the "rings" for both players. He talks about their respective teams' run in the playoffs, analyzing the wins and losses, admitting that you often learn a lot about a player in a loss, and both players did rise to that challenge. He then looks at "the defining years", which to me, should have been before the championship chapters, but it still works this way.

One of the flaws for me was the inconsistencies in how he referred to the players. In the same sentence, it was "LeBron and Jordan..." Either use the first name or the last name (I prefer the last name, but overall, I want consistency!). Also, there are a lot of listing of teammates and stats (chapter six is actually called "Numbers). The author clearly did a lot of research and has extensive basketball knowledge, but it doesn't come across in book form as well as it would in a conversation. If it had been presented in tables or bullets, it might have been easier to read rather than jumbled in paragraphs.

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In Two. Three. first-time author, Lawrence Viggiano melds a lifetime love of basketball and expertise from a professional career analyzing data, identifying anomalies and presenting findings and recommendations to C-suite executives. Lawrence currently lives in Queens, NY. view profile

Published on November 15, 2020

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