Two Monsters and Me


Loved it! 😍

Everyone gets angry sometimes... even friendly monsters. What a great book to show children calming strategies!

Two Monsters and Me has some of the most adorable illustrations I've seen in a children's book! The colorful and cute drawings are sure to grab the attention of children as they delve into this book. The emotions and actions can be seen clearly in each illustration, allowing the reader to infer what is happening or what is going to happen. These illustrations are great for children who are just learning to read because they expertly accompany the words, giving children context clues to work with.

The writing itself is wonderful, as well! I must say, I can't see a child reading this book on his/her own, which is why it only received four out of five stars from me. I think an adult needs to read it to help answer any questions and to ensure that the child is grasping the concept of containing anger. The techniques presented are easy and affordable, so any family or school can participate in these strategies. I also believe that children will be more likely to use these techniques after reading about Milo because he's a very likable character.

I work with Affective Needs students, and I most definitely will be buying this book for my classroom! The techniques can be transformed into fun activities and I think my students will be able to grasp the concept of anger a little better. This book is great for my younger students who don't yet understand what emotions are and how to identify them. Many of my students struggle to identify anger specifically, so Nesty's descriptions and Kholopenko's and Sumina's illustrations will truly highlight how to notice the signs of anger and calm yourself down. I think all schools should have a few copies of Two Monsters and Me!

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This colorfully illustrated children’s book is about how children can deal with anger in their daily life.
Our protagonist meets two small and cute monsters who don’t know much about the world or about emotions.
As a team, the happy trio helps each other understand and cope with anger by using a number of simple yet effective techniques.

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Young children’s feelings are often intense and uncontrollable because they have yet to learn how to manage their emotions. To help you, Milo, Ixy and Zim are here to make a complex subject both simple and fun! view profile

Published on April 26, 2020

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