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Try Moving Yourself! The Complete Self-Moving Guide for a Full Household Move using U-Haul Products and Services.


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Everything you need to know for a successful D.I.Y. move via UHaul! Complete with checklists, helpful video links, step by step directions.

I’m an ex military spouse. Our family moved over 10 times in our 14 year marriage. The itchy feet stuck around and I’ve moved on my own many times since my divorce. So when I offered to review this book, I suspected it had nothing to teach me.

I was wrong. This is an extensive, encouraging, and oh so informative book, covering everything from how to estimate your square footage of belongings to how to set up the various UHaul boxes and drive the truck! The author, an experienced mover with years in the industry, includes many checklists and identifies the need to start the moving process many weeks in advance. Planning for and booking the truck and dollies, etc. should be done at least a month ahead, and preferably more. Packing needs to be an ongoing process for weeks, something with which I am familiar.

The organizational tools in this book are very helpful for anyone considering a move of any sort, self or not. The detail is much more than you would get from a professional mover, and includes the little things to think about for move day and unpack day. There are step by step instructions about booking boxes and trucks, figuring out which things to pack first, how to wrap furniture. Photos are clear and illustrate the items well. Videos are excellent for clarifying box construction.

This is a very good guide, and would be a perfect gift for a student or someone who will be moving in the future. I had to take a star off for the mentions of ‚Äúmom‚Äôs duties‚ÄĚ and how upset she would be about dust under the bed. They were a bit grating and took away from the general excellence of the book. There are also some concepts that are repeated often that could perhaps be edited out for clarity and to save length.

All in all, well worth a read. The author shares links to his website which has all the excel sheets for the checklists and links to the videos. PDFs of the lists might also be of help for the Excel haters among us.

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Try Moving Yourself!

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John Elie has over 30 years of experience with hundreds of household moves as a professional mover and using rental trucks. He decided to capture all the tips of the trade in an easy to read ‚ÄúInstruction Manual‚ÄĚ that anyone can use to plan and execute a smooth self-move. view profile

Published on May 10, 2020

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