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Contains absolutely everything and is a heart wrenching thriller that you would never expect!

I did not expect what I got from this book. I expected fast paced revenge plot thriller but was graced with so much more. We follow so many locations and situations such as a war zone and a courtroom but we also have a romance to swoon over in this story. We follow a woman filled with rage seeking help from her father when she is accused of murdering the person who previously murdered her loved ones (I know, juicy right?) and the passionate journey of a father who will go to the ends of the Earth to try and prove the innocence of his daughter. If that synopsis isn't already enough to hook you then the first chapter definitely will.

I flew through this novel in less than 24 hours, I was completely and utterly hooked from the first page! I felt like I was experiencing whiplash from how many twists and turns there were constantly, I never felt I could predict what was going to happen and any time I had even the smallest feeling I would be able to guess, something would change and I would be left completely baffled again.

The characters are written with a lot of depth and I had a really strong emotional attachment to all of them. They feel like your own family and I felt so supportive of them through the entirety of the plot which just delves the reader even deeper into the novel. The trial was so well written and so emotion filled, I was completely invested on what was potentially going to happen and every time the balance even slightly shifted, I have read a lot of 'court room drama' type novels and I never usually find myself invested like this, usually they're not something I enjoy.

The use of language throughout the story felt very purposeful and you can tell that the author has a talent for writing and took particular care and attention to make every sentence in this book impactful and important, something I love seeing in books. Make sure you pick this book up because I am sure you won't regret it, even if thrillers aren't your typical genre of choice, I still think you would find something to enjoy and benefit from within this read. Very intrigued by any other works from this author and will keep my eyes peeled in the future.

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I'm a British male, a Cambridge graduate in Engineering and in Economics. For many years I was in Government Service and travelled the world. Now retired, I live in Kent but spend much time in the French Alps. My hobbies include skiing, high mountain walking - and my ten grandchildren. view profile

Published on September 20, 2020

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Genre: Thriller & Suspense

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