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Perhaps the worst book I have ever read. It is poorly written, poorly researched, completely illogical, and 100% speculative.

Tomthunkit's Theory of the Universe is a rambling speculation based on illogical thinking. The first word of the title itself summarizes the book completely: Tomthunkit, so it must be true. The author claims that he thought up all his ideas for the book in a few days; and it shows. Each topic covered in the book could really deserve a whole book in itself, and not just a paragraph or two. Just as an example, books have been written about "why we sleep". Yet, a short paragraph explains why we sleep; we sleep in order rejuvenate our bodies. Well, that's true, but it isn't much of an explanation. Especially, since Tomtunkit believes that the purpose of dreams is to receive messages from our Superiors.

In Part 1, Tomthunkit explains why humans could not have evolved from apes, so therefore we must have been created by superior beings. His argument for this reasoning is shallow, illogical, and based a very poor understanding of the theory of evolution by natural selection. The book is filled with quotes from some very speculative publications, such as "Files from the Edge: A Paranormal Investigator's Explorations into High Strangeness" and "Legendary TImes" and "The Ancient Alien Question". The speculations border on stream-of-consciousness from someone who has a very loose grasp of reality.

On the other hand, there are a few gems in Parts 2 and 3. In these sections, the author rants against a number of evils, including genocide, slavery, war, loan sharks, hackers, and medical warfare. He urges politicians to defend the constitution, and to heed facts--not "alternative facts". So, the author seems to have a good grasp of the difference between good and evil. But the terse writing makes it clear that the author is simply stating his opinions, and not backing them up with any logical, well-thought-out arguments.

In summary, this book is the best example of how a self-published author can delude himself into thinking that he is a writer.

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This book is not about me. I cannot solve the problems listed in this book. I did what I was told. It's up to you and your world leaders to do the rest.” view profile

Published on December 18, 2019

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