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Tomthunkit's Theory of the Universe


This book will launch on Apr 18, 2020. Currently, only those with the link can see it. 🔒

In the book everyone will be debating fervently, Tomthunkit™ covers: Anthropology, Psychology, Philosophy, Political Science, Theology, Climate Crisis, Global Warming, and a Final Warning.

Our universe is at the cusp of imminent danger. In this book, he explains why, and how this is true. In his book, Tomthunkit™ debunks both creationism and evolution, and proves we were created by Superior Beings.

We are at the intersection of critical mass and times up. Because of our actions, the time we have is left is vanishing fast due to the climate crisis we've created. We have brought impending doom upon ourselves; unless we unite, to take drastic measures, and make an immediate course correction. We have run out of highway because our Creators have run out of patience. This book is not about me. I cannot solve the problems listed in this book. I did what I was told. It's up to you and your world leaders to do the rest.

There is no Planet B which can go to. This book contains an URGENT message about your future and the future of our planet. Everyone SHOULD read this. It maybe the most important book you ever read.

Why Read This Book


It may be seen by some as the coming of the apocalypse, the rapture, the end of times, or a doomsday prophecy. These are not the last days for some. Unless we change something quickly, qualitatively, and quantitatively, the world as we know it will be forever changed. But these are the last days for many. 


This book is an alarm. The loudest alarm that I could fine. It’s the easiest way to reach the widest audience possible, as quickly as possible. Because we are the problem; and we are also the solution to the problem. If we don’t solve the problem, we will be used as the  solution. They will not let us destroy this planet. 


You may call me a messenger, medium, a prophet, or all three. My prophecy, my theory, will be in conflict with prevailing wisdom in so many parts of our life. I will be attacked by many scholars, in many different disciplines about our world. But their prevailing wisdom; does not prevail logic. This book is the proof of that truth.


Before going to war an army must use scouts, and spies, to gain intelligence on their opponent before an attack. The scouts come and go; but the spies are already here living among us. 


According to Nostradamus, our future is not set. Our future can be affected by our actions. If we respond to current events positively, in this decade, then we can influence our future, and possibly avoid annihilation. However, if we respond negatively, or don’t respond at all, our demise and peril is all but guaranteed; ending with a certain substantial reduction in population. 

Most of the knowledge in this book used to formulate my theory of the universe was acquired in a few days. It was acquired without any external sources: no TV, no books, no radio, no podcasts, no cell phones, and without speaking to another human being. I did, then do research on the historical recorded data to support my acquired knowledge, and legitimize my Theory Of The Universe. All of the facts contained herein, are ascertained true and accurate to the best of my ability. This is not fiction or a dramatic tale written for shock value. Although, this is very shocking, even to me. I grew more and more horrified each day, as I gathered, and received more and more information. I’m very afraid, as we all should be. That’s why I’m doing my part, as so should you. 


Why did they wait until now to reveal themselves? That answer is simple: WE ARE ON THE VERGE OF WAR. A war with our Creators which we cannot win. 


If they must eliminate us, they are doing it to save this planet. So, by opposing them, we would be fighting to destroy it. Think about that, very deeply.


When some people read this, they may become afraid. Some will feel helpless, and get angry because of the impending doom. Others will dismiss it as a crackpot conspiracy, or bullshit. Governments will have to discredit it; to maintain peace, tranquility, social order, and avoid mass hysteria and public panic. Some people will say this book is just another doomsday prophecy. They’ve heard it all before; and the world is still here. To that I say: current events says otherwise. Extreme weather events are a precursor of things to come.

Those were warning bells.  And what’s coming is unstoppable; but it’s not unavoidable.


Our actions are not only destroying the habitability of this earth; but we are also killing off many species of insects, plants and animals which were some of their greatest creations. They are extremely unhappy about this. Imagine if you created over 10 million species of insects, animals and plants, painstakingly, each with their own identity and characteristics. Then, one of your species decides by accident, or by purpose, to kill them and make them extinct; thereby erasing them from the planet. What action would you take against that mass-murdering species? Replacing the extinct animals, and insects won’t stop the extinction. This particular species are repeat offenders. That’s us —habitual repeat offenders. The only way to stop the extinction, is to stop what’s causing it, or should I say: who’s causing it?

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This book is not about me. I cannot solve the problems listed in this book. I did what I was told. It's up to you and your world leaders to do the rest.” view profile

Published on December 18, 2019

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