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Throughout our lives, we come across many people, many of whom are easily forgotten. But then we meet the 'one’, who is unlike any other.
Some may envision the one that special someone they feel destined to meet one day. It is believed that we were once one soul that was split into two twin soul halves. And despite their life apart from each other and the fact they develop as separate individuals, the two parts of the soul feel something is missing. They struggle to comprehend what it is, so the journey to seek the missing piece that will complete the puzzle is inevitably ongoing.
And this path to reunion, to become one again, is possibly the most intense odyssey you can experience with another person.

At the beginning... When you come together in the relationship, she looks at you and becomes totally lost in you; you look into her eyes and get completely lost in them. So the game begins...of who will be the first to fall, the first to kiss, the first to tell, the first to go, the first to come back again and the first to remember that it all began with a dare...

There is a Love tale in the Sky . . .

There was once a star called the Sun, who did not know it was bright until someone reflected his light – the Moon. Sometimes love feels the same down on Earth as it does in the sky – always missing one another, always far from each other, never touching, our encounters ending as soon as they begin, yet this love never seems to be forgotten.

We may exist at the same time and space, share the same soul, yet you are here,and they are there. The Sun and Moon love each other so much, but they give each other space to shine. Without the Sun, the Moon will have no light, but she doesn’t try to shine like him, to dim his light, because she knows her time will come. We chase each other in a never-ending cycle, because, despite our differences,we need one another to fulfill our life’s purpose. These differences get frustrating sometimes, but we balance each other out: when the Sun gets to fire up, the Moon comes in to cool things down; when it gets too dark, and hope seems lost, the Sun comes in to shine his light.

The Sun and the Moon love each other so much that they chase each day and night; it’s written in the stars that they are meant to be together. So the heavens give them the chance to meet once in a while, and once they finally do catch up with one another and kiss, the whole world just stares in wonder at their eclipse.

C H A P T E R ONE - Whatever Love Is

I have always wondered what brings people together, so I could not help but wonder why we are attracted to relationships that seem to be destined.We are evolving, and so are our romantic relationships; we are no longer satisfied by those relationships that are convenient or that seem to fulfill a specific ideal that our family or society have taught us we should aspire to.

We all have ambitions – things we want to do, to achieve – but one of the greatest ideals we hold on to in our lifetime is the ideal of true love. The idea of finding that someone we could say is the ‘one’, someone who would give purpose, another meaning, better quality to our life and make us feel complete, somebody who will love us no matter what. We seek for that once-in-a-lifetime type of love, and not everyone accepts that they want or need the ‘one’ right away, but deep down everyone craves for such love. In our search for the absolute, we hope to establish meaningful and deep connections with others, but sometimes we choose different paths and make compromises with ourselves in order to pursue this ideal. Many of these routes lead us to unfulfilling relationships. However, it is these relationships that often lead us to self-development and meeting the person who is right for us. We march in all these relationships with one motive, and that is to find the one we are looking for, but, in the process, we stumble upon different people, blockages, hardships and difficult lessons that we must learn. We strive for harmony and happiness but continue to experience a certain disconnection with our partner.

The idea of finding the ‘one’ in modern times can be problematic when you have choice like never before. You have to trust yourself and feel certain about something that you cannot be certain about. Sometimes we encounter powerful connections we cannot explain rationally; we simply feel pulled towards one another, and this is way beyond physical attraction, flirting and romance as we know it. There is just no logical explanation.

There is something incredibly familiar about a specific person that is unexplainable, a deep energetic connection that can’t be reasoned out. We sense this person’s presence, we are pulled towards them, and they are drawn towards us, yet we don’t know why. When we come in contact with this type of people, we just ‘know’ and ‘feel’ they are in our lives for a good reason. We somehow know these people, and we react to them from a very basic place – our soul – and we interact with them through energy.

Though some of us may experience several karmic and soulmate relationships in our lifetime, those relationships do not have to be of a romantic kind; often they are with just a friend, a colleague or a family member.

Some people we meet in this life have powerful lessons for us; we are pulled towards them, but they aren’t supposed to last. These partnerships come into our lives to confront us, and when they leave our lives, the relationship ends. We are transformed, and that is usually quite a difficult process.

Love is not always the fairy tale you see in the movies; the reality is much different. There are, in fact, three types of relationships, and in each one of them you will think you have found the ‘one’, but these relationships cannot be compared with each other; their influence and role depend on what stage we are in our own lives. And we often don’t realize which type of relationship we had until long after it is over.

Our relationships reflect the energy we hold inside. What we draw into our lives is what we think and believe we deserve, what we think is right, how we feel, and we simply attract at whatever frequency we are currently vibrating on.

Karmic relationships trigger those internal issues that we do not want to deal with; they mirror ourselves and how we feel about the outside world and others. The next level, after we master those lessons is often the meeting with the soulmate.

Soulmates are those people who bring out the best in us. They are the feel-good people in our lives, they are the ones we often choose to marry and build a life with. A soulmate relationship differs from a karmic relationship in the type of lesson that is learned and how it is presented. Soulmates are the ones who care about us the most, unlike a karmic partner whose only interest is of his or her own self and needs.

However, none of those relationships put together is anything compared to the experience of being connected with our twin flame, the one soul that is our perfect match. Twin flames are a combination of both karmic and soulmate relationships, which is often regarded as an urban myth. It is one of the most divine, intense and rarest experiences out there, but it isn’t just someone we connect our soul energy with but also someone with whom we share the same soul. As the theory states, it is believed that twin flames were once one soul that was split into two.

Throughout their lives apart from each other, they develop as separate individuals and each becomes a whole new person. But despite that, both feel something is missing, something that was once a huge part of their lives, and struggle to comprehend what it is, so the journey to seek whatever it is that will complete the missing puzzle piece is inevitably ongoing.

However, there are a lot of misconceptions around twin flames, and even though you are subconsciously looking for your lost twin, it’s not surprising if you form a passionate connection with someone else and think they are the ‘one’.

Unfortunately, due to all the misinformation out there, this is very easy to do. There has been a lot of confusion since ‘twin flame’ became the buzzword. A decade ago, no one had even heard of this term, except perhaps the people interested in the occult.

As never before, people are investing so much into love and, strangely, as never before, are so disillusioned by it. One of the reasons we get so confused about what kind of relationship we are in is because of all these connections and challenges they pose, none of which are about appeasing us or making our egos comfortable.

Not everyone will be lucky enough to meet his or her twin flame in this lifetime, but if we do, it will have extraordinary repercussions on the relationship, and our lives.

We all need different types of relationships at different times in our lives, and it is these connections that help us learn the meaning of real bonds. These are life lessons and experiences that we have to go through in order to find the ‘one’ and, eventually, find ourselves. Not everyone is interested in finding the ‘one’, and that’s fine, but I have to say I cannot think of anything more beautiful than waking up and having right beside you someone who adores you and wants you as much as you want them.

Very often, you don’t get to experience all the layers of love, but when you do, it will make you feel so grateful. The choices you made, everything including all the drama, breakups and hurt, if it led you to this person, then it was worth walking to the ends of the earth for. Many individuals in the spiritual community seem to use a language only some of us apparently understand to describe relationships, so much so that I think we have grown to have a slightly false idea of what love is. If you try to understand your connection through any form of divination, you will probably find yourself hearing different replies, most of which you won’t like hearing or which will not serve you and are just too narrow to describe something as limitless as love.

So if you were looking for an answer but somehow managed to get even more confused, don’t forget we are talking about love – ditch the terms. Love is whatever it means to you and whatever you want to call it. And it may be something entirely different from someone else’s experience; the terms used are just words attached to feelings. Drop the whole twin flame and soulmate thing altogether; love does not have twelve steps and rules to follow to unite with your other half – love is love. Even if we come from different places, believe in different gods and speak different languages, our hearts beat as one, for love has no barrier.

The fact is, only you, your twin flame and the divine are in this loop about the veracity of your relationship, and one of the most significant lessons of the twin flame journey is learning to trust your own judgement and believing what’s coming through.

In life, we all start off on the side of the road we think we should be on, but the truth is that sometimes that path varies immensely from where we presumed we were. We take decisions based on our background and upbringing, never stopping to think whether we are pursuing our own heart’s desires or the expectations of those closest to us.

We may have forgotten what love really is about; unconditional love doesn’t play by the rules of our modern society, where those principals mainly relate to vows of loyalty, marriage, sexual attraction, family ties, where we love each other mostly because of something.

Nowadays, of course, this has become only metaphorical – a love that can conquer everything, a love with no boundaries, a love that only knows how to love, that’s completely free from expectations. There is no because.You love for no reason and every reason.

The New Age twin flame fairy tale of a man and woman coming together in a marriage made in heaven is a throwback to medieval myths of knights and princesses.

Remember that all you have read has been translated by a human being whose ego could have been interfering with the spiritual message. In today’s modern world, twin flames are here to work with our current day’s situations and bring more love into this era’s society.

People automatically give up thinking that it’s only a fairy tale, that it’s not real. But there must have been an original happening or incident, or where did the fairy tales come from in the first place?

Although twin flame connections are not about conventional romance which ends up in marriage, they are in fact triggers to make us come out of these stereotypes and look beyond. They trigger us to learn about true love, which does not have to necessarily fit into our concept of ideal romance. Instead, see your twin flame journey as a collection of books on a shelf: as one ends, another one begins. So when you think about the ‘one’, think of that person as someone you would write a story with; it probably won’t be a perfect epic novel, and you’ll have to slay more monsters than you ever thought you would. But something about the shared values and devotion would give you strength and hope that one day you will have your ‘happily ever after’.

Everything happens for a reason; there is a tremendous correlation between thoughts and reality; I truly believe that. Pay attention to your vivid dreams, feelings; watch the patterns in your life: they are the key to unlock the mysterious doors in your lifetime and the ones you had before.

If you find yourself reading this book at this moment, the universe has brought you all this way to remind you of the wisdom you possess; others can only try, but only you can know.

The answer you are looking for is already within you; you just have to seek.

This book is about love . . .

The love you have

The love you want

The love you need and the love you seek . . .

About the author

Iris Aguila completed her B.A with Honours in Philology along with three years of Psychology study and received a Transpersonal Psychology certificate with a Distinction. She is a member of ATP, the Association of Transpersonal Psychology. view profile

Published on September 27, 2019

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Genre: Self-help

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