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Iris Aguila puts the heartbeat back into what it means to find true love in her engrossing new novel.

To all of those hopeless romantics who think they’re in the right relationship, do you believe your connection is written in the stars? 

In Author Iris Aguila’s well-researched, engrossing new book, “To Love In Spite of it All,” light is shed on the true meaning of finding a soulmate and the rare, but scintillating experience of crossing paths with your twin flame, a relationship the author describes as posing the same soul as someone else. Though the great romances in the movies come to mind like Jack and Rose in Titantic or Sam and Annie in Sleepless in Seattle, “Love,” insists the author, “is not always the fairy tale you see in the movies.” 

She does, however, explain that soulmates — who can also be dear friends  — are people who bring out the best, not the beast in us, a discrepancy that could rear its ugly head further down the line in a relationship rooted on a karmic connection, or an infatuation based on mere needs, rather than one founded on a soulmate connection.

Whomever is lucky enough to find their twin flame in this life can experience the seductive, loving energy of both of those notions. What’s more, the book breaks down these relationships and zeroes in on helping readers distinguish among the type they are in and piquing their curiosity about the possibility of happily ever after, if they are, of course, willing to make a bold move and explore other possibilities. Life is, a la Helen Keller, a daring adventure or nothing.

The book also explores the law of attraction — “the tremendous correlation between thoughts and reality” and the various soulmate connections we share with people, which may or may not be enough to sustain a lifelong partnership. While Aguila acknowledges that there are people out there who are content with settling in their relationships and their lives (this book isn’t for you) “To Love in Spite of It All” caters to the believers who care about the quality and validity of their relationships and fosters their curiosity to take a deeper dive and learn more about how their connections with people are defined, and if true love will in fact find them in the end. 

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There is a Love tale in the Sky . . .

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Iris Aguila completed her B.A with Honours in Philology along with three years of Psychology study and received a Transpersonal Psychology certificate with a Distinction. She is a member of ATP, the Association of Transpersonal Psychology. view profile

Published on September 27, 2019

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