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To Forge A King


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If you're a fan of old school fantasy novels than make this your next read!

Fridya is the youngest daughter of Chancellor Rumborg, who protects their realm, Vesfalruk, from the forces who are constantly invading. Fridya finds herself different from her sisters in that she is not interested in gowns, parties, or husbands. Rather, she wants more than anything to wield a sword and protect her homeland. Instead of sending her to the ancestral guild for training knights, her father decides to send her to Reave Hall, which has much more brutal and intense training regiments. He wants her to be his eyes and ears and keep on the lookout for any exceptionally talented young men who might also be able to wield Archania, a type of magic that is generally looked down upon throughout the kingdom. Because of an ancient prophecy, the Chancellor believes the next hero of the realm will be found at this place.

Elsewhere, a young boy wakes up in the middle of a road outside of Reave Hall with no memory of who he is. He has a large, old sword with him and not much else, but no recollection as to why or where it (and he) came from. He ends up staying and training at Reave Hall after villagers turned him in to the warden for trespassing. As this young boy grows up within the confines of Reave Hall, he discovers a well of strength and determination that he never dreamed of having. When he and Fridya become close friends, they find themselves amidst a bigger and more dangerous situation than either of them could have imagined.

I really loved this book. Primarily, it made me contemplate why I have always loved the fantasy genre so much. To Forge a King has a very old school fantasy vibe, reminiscent of Tad Williams, Robert Jordan, and Terry Brooks. The world-building is the most enjoyable aspect of this tale. The story starts off slow (as many fantasy books do) which allows the reader to acclimate themselves to the world and the characters. Each chapter opens with a snippet from a song or poem which adds even further to the depth of the world-building. I also loved the beautiful physical descriptions of the landscapes, which is another one of my favorite aspects about this genre.

My only complaint about this story is that there are some minor editing issues scattered throughout the text. However, while slightly irksome, these did not detract from my overall enjoyment of the story. I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy fantasy, specifically epic fantasy. It will sweep you off your feet and transport you into another realm of magic, swordplay, kings, and druids. 

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Published on December 09, 2019

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