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Orabella is thrown into an unknown world of time travel and mystery when her parents go missing, and discovers an age-old family secret...

This new book from Esabella Strickland follows the adventures of heroine Orabella, a young girl who has just finished her high school year and is in for a relaxing summer break away from Rachelle - the girl who has bullied her from the start of her school life. However, things go from bad to worse when her parents go missing in the middle of the night, due to a mysterious family secret. Orabella is forced to spend her holiday with her grandparents, who reluctantly tell her that she is a Solijourner. Every generation of her family has had the power to connect to the tree of life and go back in time to protect revolutionary events that formed the world as we know it. But the world is in danger from an evil power called Iblis, full of destruction and hate. Helped by Egyptian gods and goddesses, Orabella is trained and taught how to use her powers to battle Iblis…… but is she strong enough, and will she ever be able to find her parents again? Events reach a climax when a close family member dies, and Rachelle, who has come to stay as her next door neighbour, could have something to do with it. The book ends on a cliffhanger as Orabella is transported to Ancient Egypt and uncovers a shocking revelation.

I enjoyed reading this book. Some parts were fast-paced and exciting, and I liked how the author built up the mystery. The plot had some clever developments and a sense of suspense was maintained for the most part. I found the main character poignant, with relatable traits. The author effectively explored her development over the course of the story, as she tackled typical problems for girls of her age and learnt how to stand up to her bully. I particularly liked the role of Orabella’s grandparents - they always had words of wisdom for her, and helped her become mentally bolder and stronger. 

However, I thought that the discourse between the characters of the book was unnatural and halting. I also found the storyline hard to follow at times because the events moved too fast to properly get a feel for what was happening. I thought the ultimate fight scene was an anticlimax- it was very short and lacked a sense of real threat. This is why I have given the book 3 stars. Although I enjoyed it, I thought that the last few scenes were disappointing and the lack of fluent dialogue was distracting. I would recommend it to younger readers with an interest in Ancient Egypt.

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Described as a "Renaissance Girl" for her multitude of talent. 15-year-old Esabella Anna Karena Strickland is a Multi Award-Winning Filmmaker and Screenwriter, Award-Winning Actress, and Media Host. Esabella is also an Artist, and GenZ Influencer based out of Vancouver, BC. view profile

Published on March 02, 2021

Published by genz publishing

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Genre: Action & Adventure

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