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The Wynnman and the Black Azalea


Not for me 😔

I couldn't sustain interest in this book. The plot is reasonably engaging and the characters likeable but the style of writing threw me off.

The plot: a newly arrived Italian baker, an impossible flower, a villain willing to commit any crime to obtain it. So far so good. But what lets this book down badly is the use of English. The inapt use of adjectives and odd construction of sentences give the strong impression that the author is not very familiar with English idiom. If the book had been a lot shorter and more tightly constructed, that could have been overlooked; the plot could have carried you on regardless. But as it is, the plot takes its time to progress and so you can't help but notice the melodramatic and clumsy language. The author would be well advised to cut back severely on adjectives and adverbs, or to get a really good line editor.

On the plus side, the characters are well drawn and likeable.

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"I Love Wimbledon, History and the Absurd" Trevor P. Kwain is a child of the Eighties. An eclectic writer may find the third way, the third alternative, in a bi-dimensional reality torn between yesterday and tomorrow. Trevor P. Kwain currently lives in London view profile

Published on April 06, 2019

Published by ThreePeppers Publishing

90000 words

Genre: Mystery & Crime

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