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The Well Spouse: My Journey of Love, Resilience, and Alzheimer's


Loved it! 😍

What a touching & truthful tell-all about the challenges of Alzheimer's.

JoAnn Wingfield, in her memoir, ‘The Well Spouse: My Journey of Love, Resilience and Alzheimer’s,’ presents a positive case of affirmation of the need for awareness of a disease that has overtaken many lives. She mixes her well-versed credentialed knowledge and research into the disorder and its treatments with a peppering of her personal experiences as a caregiver. The result? She gives a much-needed, much-appreciated book offering caregivers tips on survival themselves during the journey with their loved ones who are challenged with the condition.

For nearly a decade, the author walked, ran, crawled and wandered through the ups and downs of helping her husband through Alzheimer’s. Her writing method seesaws between a narrative and a third-person style with such an expressive and personable nature – and in some parts the prose turned into poetic phrases. She grabs our attention in the beginning. “Fate likes to deal us unexpected cards. In a split moment, one’s life can take drastic turns. Sometimes, it is not for the better, and often, we are not prepared. Yet, people must choose to play the cards the best they know how.” And Dr. Wingfield did just that, and shares with readers how to do that.

The author gives a perspective based on her Chinese roots and technical and philosophical credentials while at the same time offers the reflections of a loving wife.

“I am Dr. Rabinowitz, an ophthalmology neurologist at the University of Miami medical center. Do you have a moment? I need to talk to a family member about Dr. Wingfield’s diagnosis. He said I should talk to you, no one else. My heart dropped. Suddenly, I broke into a cold sweat and felt weak.”

Can you even imagine? My heart felt for the author as she took that phone call about her husband. She knew he had been going through some assessments, and he had told her in a phone call the day before that they thought he had ‘dementia.’ The author listened to the doctor while standing in the middle of the airport. Pretty soon after, their adventure with Alzheimer’s began, and JoAnn Wingfield took every step as only a wife could. Relying on her education credentials, her husband’s credentials, logic, love and resilience even when times were tougher than she expected, the Wingfields faced it all. Which is why the novel is titled correctly, and why I highly recommend it.

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JoAnn Wingfield was raised in Shanghai, China. During China's Cultural Revolution, she was sent to Inner Mongolia for "reeducation." She came to the United States in 1986. She has a doctorate in Instructional Technology, worked as tenured professor and in executive positions in higher education. view profile

Published on September 11, 2020

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