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The Wedding


Not for me 😔

A love story with room for improvement. With more character dialogue early on, the characters could shine better.

This novel has a solid plot as far as a broken friendship and pending wedding is concerned, but the payoff of both are quite delayed. I think this book could definitely appeal to a lover of romance, rock, and fashion maybe. I love a good romance story, but this just was not for me.

The chemistry between Heather and Harrison is strong. They’re high school sweethearts, and all their friends and family always attest to their devotion to each other. However, it feels like a corny, base-level relationship with the romantic intensity of a teenage relationship despite the two of them being around 30. 

For the most part, they haven’t now (at the beginning of this novel) nor previously had many conflicts or disagreements in their relationship. The first major thing that puts their engagement on the edge came too late for me to care anymore. They are an unbelievably sappy couple and the fact she’s so dependent on him makes me shudder a bit. This dependence shows in Heather always complaining of having no female friends and constantly worrying all her success and recognition is due to her proximity to Harrison or Cruise Control. She has a lot to grow from and work on.

From the night of the proposal onward, things go sideways. It becomes clearer why Heather is so close to Harrison’s bandmate Sebastian, as they both are very stubborn with a lot of maturing to do. When the two are left together, they act like petty teenagers and unite in backstabbing others, namely Ariana. Heather swears she wants the best for Cruise Control and wants Gabriel, who is the whole reason she ever met Arianna, to be happy, but she keeps letting her selfishness and bitterness prove otherwise.

It’s not until Arianna returns and Heather starts to show this stubbornness, a side that creates the slightest tension in her relationship with her fiance. This severed relationship Heather has with Ariana and Heather’s slowly advancing relationship with Harrison conflicts at times. The mere mention of Ariana triggers her for far too long. It had me wondering if their friendship was ever worth much to begin with if she refuses to hear Ariana out. It’s exhausting.

Despite all of the characters’ flaws and shortcomings, that makes them feel slightly more relatable. They have their own voices and aren’t censored, their language is raw. Other than the dialogue, this book didn’t really maintain my interest and felt like it dragged on and on.

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Published on June 06, 2020

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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Genre: Contemporary Romance

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