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The Water Princess Claiming of Earth (The Elemental Chronicles Book 1)


Loved it! 😍

An intricate story, filled with a fantastic cast of characters, this book will leave you wanting more!

The Water Princess Claiming of Earth is the first book in The Elemental Chronicles series, and we meet Celine - a Water Princess who has been banished from the kingdom to a convent for the past five years and had her powers locked so she can't use them, a victim of her sister Elizabeth's jealousy. Calling to the Elements, she makes a deal that if she is able to leave the convent, she will bear three children to help balance the Elements of Earth, Air, and Water, to balance out Fire. At the same time, Elizabeth is sending three men to bring Celine back from the convent as she says she wants to make amends. Whether she really does or not remains to be seen.

As you might have gathered from the title, this book is mainly focused on Tate, the Earth part of the equation. He was Celine's boyfriend before she was banished and his feelings for her never changed, even when he thought she was dead. It's not all about Tate though. You also have Lindon, the Wind Element, and Brier, the Water Element who thinks he is broken. Both of these have stories I can't wait to hear, especially Brier. And there is Brown, an ogre who has developed an obsession for Celine and doesn't behave the way an ogre should! Oh boy!!!

This story is slightly paradoxical. It is fast-paced and yet takes it's time so no scene is rushed. Told as first person/present tense, you get viewpoints from all the major players. The cast of characters were all outstanding, with plenty of 'supporting' characters I want to hear more from.

The plot is well thought out, with plenty of details so you never feel like you have missed out. The curse for Celine is a harsh one, and she explains what happened to her once the curse was cast, and how it has been for her to live under it's shadow.

Now - FAIR WARNING - this comes with a cliffhanger ending, complete with plot twist. I loved it for that, but I do know that some people really don't like cliffhangers. All I can say is this will definitely leave you wanting more... immediately!

I was thoroughly delighted by the debut novel and found it ticked many of my boxes. I am hooked on the series and can't wait for the next to come out. Absolutely recommended by me.

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Published on September 08, 2019

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