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The #Vanlife Murders


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What will protagonist Hailey Andrews do when a killer begins "trolling" for her? Calling all digital nomads. This one's for you.

The #Vanlife Murders by Taylor Cluster is a murder mystery novel that features the joys as well as the trials and tribulations that can come with life on the open road.

Protagonist Hailey Andrews is living the good life. A month before she graduates from USC in Los Angeles, she gets a public relations job, with a Fortune 500 company in San Diego. She and her boyfriend Jeremy have taken the next step and go from dating to living together. However, all good things must come to an end and Hailey's world crumbles around her. She winds up fired and her boyfriend packs his things and splits. Hailey pulls herself together and having always wanted to be an investigative reporter, begins life anew on the open road in an RV.

Cluster introduces her readers to a whole new world of travel influencers, travel blogging, travel via RV, and travel Facebook meet up groups, all through the eyes of Hailey as she travels up the west coast. Hailey is just adjusting to her new life when she stumbles on the suspicious disappearances of other young women just like her, living the #Vanlife.

Now, I'm the type of person that can only appreciate "glamping" versus camping, but I really liked riding along with Hailey and her dog Sadie. I enjoyed reading about this way of life and had no idea of the hundreds of thousands following these digital nomads on their travels. Cluster invites her readers to tag along as well by using descriptive phrases such as "Goosebumps ran up her back," as she takes us on one adventure after another through a "dark, shadowy forest" on a "collesion course with a serial killer." We're treated to scenarios reminiscent of the Criminal Minds television series when Hailey encounters clues such as polaroid shots of the victims, trace fibers found at the scenes of the crime, and a possible eye witness in the form of a dog named Charlie.

Admist adjusting to a new life where tap water may be brown and the internet may be intermittent, Hailey meets Luke. Is there a romance on the horizon? What will Hailey do when the killer comes looking for their next victim? I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. #Loved it!

The author Taylor Cluster is a self described adventure enthusiast, currently rolling through the great outdoors hunting for inspiration for her next great novel.

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About the author

A self-described adventure enthusiast, in 2019 Taylor left her “anchored life” in Phoenix to hit the open road and live full-time in an RV exploring North America. She can still be found rolling through the great outdoors hunting for experiences to serve as inspiration in her upcoming novels. view profile

Published on September 01, 2020

Published by Giant Saguaro Media

80000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Mystery & Crime

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