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The Treasure Seeker


Worth reading 😎

A whodunit murder mystery with a down to earth main character, travel and history bits and some good twists. Definitely a page turner!

We follow Melody, a tomboyish down to earth character trying to save her journalism career by travelling to Rome and reconnecting with an old university flame, which she found online on Facebook. Things do not go as planned and Melody soon finds herself chasing after the truth.

I found Melody to be a very relatable and refreshing character and every single person's motive made sense in the book - villains and heroes alike (I usually downrate books if the character's motive doesn't make sense to me at all).

The writing was very atmospheric without being longwinded and the food and drink descriptions made me want to make myself a Mojito while reading. I was under the impression that all locations, sights and historical information were well researched. Those travel descriptions certainly gave me itchy feet, especially Panama!

The pirate POV flashbacks from the 1600s at the beginning, middle and end gave it that little extra that I like in books and together with the legend made for a compelling foundation. The side characters in the story were believable and Marco was charming.

The author found the perfect balance between moving the plot forward, keeping the reader engaged throughout and guessing until the very end, which is super important for this particular genre.

I'm hoping that the author will write more Melody Meeks Mysteries. I would pick up further volumes for sure.

I would recommend this book to anybody who likes mysteries in general with less gore and violence and more chasing and guessing. Also readers like me, who don't usually go for this genre are going to get their enjoyment out of this book, due to the atmosphere, romance and travel locations.

Thank you team Reedsy for a free review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Suzanne grew up in the UK and has lived in London, Geneva, Rome, Bangkok and Panama. She now lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband Francesco and two cats Mimi and Bunny. view profile

Published on October 18, 2020

Published by Dreaming Big Publications

80000 words

Genre: Mystery & Crime

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