The Sword and the Sunflower


Loved it! 😍

Well-crafted characters deal with love, loss, pain, and questions about their future.

It's easy to assume this is a fantasy world created in the author's imagination. But that's only partially true. With subtle references and careful constructed clues, the realization slowly dawns on the reader that this is likely our world, far in the future after some sort of catastrophic event has radically altered how humans live.

My favorite part of this book is the characters. They are multi-dimensional and complex. None of them could be classified as a stereotype of any kind. Stojan - the assassin who can't forget the blood he has shed, begins to question everything about the way he lives his life. Anastazja - after watching her father die from a freak occurence that resulted in a fatal self-inflicted wound, she must deal with the knowledge that Stojan had been sent to kill her father even though he was too late. Dagmar - his painful secrets led him to the edge of the cliff where he intended to end it all until Stojan found him and begged for his help to tend Ana's wound.

All three are dealing with very private pain as they travel together. And in some strange way, they find comfort in being with one another. Life hasn't gone the way any of them had planned. But they must learn to make new plans and create new ideas of what life could be like if they are to thrive. What drove Dagmar to consider taking his own life? How did Stojan become a feared killer of men? How will Ana make her way in the world when she has no family and is to young to marry or have a house of her own? Their beliefs will be challenged, their understanding of how the world works will be impacted, and they will influence one another in ways that can't imagine. All in all, a book that was well worth the time.

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Published on December 15, 2019

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