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The Sun Stood Still


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This story explores the struggles of faith and the hard decisions a teen has to make when her magic is odds with her church's beliefs.

Natalie is struggling with her faith. To add to her misery she has the power to time travel, but the church forbids the use of magic. When her magic is outed she finds herself ostracized and unable to trust former friends as well as her teachers and parents. Even worse, she loses control of her time traveling abilities and finds herself haphazardly skipping around in time. To free herself she’ll have to make tough decisions on who to trust and whether she wants to keep her magic or give it up. At times this book has a bit of a Groundhog Day feel to it when it comes to the time travel elements. The ending left room for a possible sequel.

I can see this story appealing to teenagers who are struggling with their faith or feel at odds with their church or parents. While magic is a big role in this story, overall the story very much feels like a big metaphor for what it’s like growing up with beliefs or desires that go against religious doctrine, and magic is the tool used to put Natalie at odds with her school. It can be difficult to find young adult books that deal with a crisis of faith, but this one hits the nail on the head.

For me the weaknesses of the story came down to the underdeveloped world building and character development. I often found myself wanting to know more about the world and characters to better understand everything, since at times I admittedly felt like I didn’t have a strong enough grasp on either, and at other times felt like the plot moved too quickly.

Overall I would recommend this to those looking for a story with fantasy elements that deals with a crisis of faith and the hard decisions that come with finding yourself at odds with your religious community.

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S. K. Brave likes to write novels in their spare time when not working as a software engineer. The Sun Stood Still is their first published novel, inspired by their experience growing up in a private Christian school. They live in Seattle with a plethora of stuffed animals. view profile

Published on December 04, 2018

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