The Steam War


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Steampunks averting WWIII steering towards a New Germany - no snoozing through this class' wild ride!

An ode to the history: Plagued with hardship, the Great Depression

his unending pain and sorrow was the product of one country: Germany.

He wished he would see the day that the cause of his suffering had ended.

Hence, a youth education setting enactment of the Nazi steam war of 1947 overtaking a Nazi ship is a worthy read that elicits mixed thoughts and feelings as any complex conflict does, especially involving school-age children. Those who have experienced the adverse effects of war instead seek peace and advocate on behalf of non-violence, the denial of expression to those impacted is also ill-advised. The ability for these students of role-play the various Steampunk characters revealing truths such as allegiance to the American flag, the widespread significance as portrayed in The Nightmare Before Christmas footage reeling across global cities.

Many aspects of their coming-of-age active learning are typical in

the view that the grueling homework was punishment, a tendency to fluctuate between a desire for bravery and students feeling sick, loud and obnoxious sounds they produce, and reading brainwaves to calculus to a Victorian clock hanging on the wall symbolizing the ancient traditions. A whirlwind race through the lessons in respect - Commies, Krauts, a woman from the U.S., and racism, a point system, Polish parents during the Germany/Russia invasion, a Texan, and Jews who converted.

Translating Spanish and German to English.

The harshness of a learning environment in which the trustworthiness is challenged between peers and the scrutiny of observation from German and American officials visits 

“Pretty, The Steam War 49 lucky, brilliant. Resilient. But he also called her a tool, just like the rest of us. She wasn’t special, Cal. She got stuck here too.”

Nightmares of kidnappings and lucid dreaming and tired of hearing about WWII as if the world couldn't move on.

Sail's struggle to find happiness, and despite the psychiatrist's insistence that Lithium pills 'are all the rage, they never worked for her.

But, her propensity for language made her a strong performer. She confesses to her moping having to wait to outperform, so there is a sense she has control over her mood.

Youngest and most energetic teacher, Bolt creating fervor in their learning. Aboard a Nazi ship in training, they speak of demise and not taking death well. The government had generously compensated with a bunch of toys to use: a few long-range rifles, several sniper rifles, an anti-tank rifle, and the Lightning Rod. Created by Nikola Tesla himself, the 

Lightning Rod fired an ionized spear of copper that was enough to attract a dangerous amount of lightning.

The spread of hysteria and fear and not reality when it came to Nazi sightings and the economic instability. The alternating voices between that of German identity and one that is the U.S. speak to how this translates in a joint mission.

The way they speak to one another - challenging each other. As complaints and criticism mount, so does the recognition that they are there by their own consent and not forced to attend.

Despite, the dramatization of the threat of global conflict playing out like a WWIII, there is an emphasis on the emergence of a New Germany. A Trade Deal with the U.S. and Summer Olympics host is symbolic of a world of new possibilities opening up in moving past the horrors of global conflict and the Nazi regime. There is an inherent impatience in wanting to see these students return to a sense of normalcy - stability, and civility. However, there is also an understanding that the transference of these adversities has impacted them also. And providing a safe platform for learning, furthering understandings of these events, and working through the grievances of the past is an important and cathartic process in moving towards a better future.

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