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The Silent Vibrance


Loved it! 😍

With the intertwining of dreams and reality, there is no telling what is real and what isn't.

Fear takes over Eve Solace as she faces her biggest challenge yet, jumping out of her comfort zone. Being a gifted photographer at Rinera Images, Eve is in a constant battle with her anxiety and the influx of her work. Her gifts not only open up doors to showcase her skills, but also help Eve uncover the root of her anxiety, the need to see her parents. With the onset of a new relationship, the potential to go far in her craft, and the incessant need to see her family one more time, Eve becomes overwhelmed with emotion and unsure of her decisions going forward.

This contemporary fiction novel opens up the opportunity for readers to relate to the main character Eve through her battles with her anxiety in every situation. Although everyone sees Eve as an amazing artist, Eve would much rather stay behind the scenes. I completely understand what that feels like, and I'm sure you do too.

The text does a great job in leading us through all the ups and downs of Eve's inner battle with anxiety, and the weird dreams that continue to come up during sleep every night. Although I personally would have preferred there to be a much better distinction between sleep and reality, the lack of distinction allows for the reader to understand firsthand the struggle Eve has with separating the two.

After finishing the piece, I felt a sense of resolution was created in such a way that nothing was left unsaid. Everything came together in the end and that is what you want from a book.

I would definitely recommend this book as one to put on your bookshelf. There is so much that a reader can relate to, that it would be hard not to enjoy the complexity of it all.

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Dr. Hussein Kandil is a physician specializing in male reproductive medicine. In 2016, I self-published my first fiction novel Boarding Path: Choose Your Destination: Happiness or Comfort. This was followed by non-fiction male infertility book and then my latest being the silent Vibrance. view profile

Published on March 19, 2020

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