The SEEING: The Morrigan


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A thrilling mythological horror, which will take you to the world of living folklore creatures.

"The Seeing" is quite an original book which takes the reader on a journey to the Irish Achill Islands - the place where the largest percentage of people who still believe in the old Irish folklore reside. A series of grizzly murders, seemingly done by a humanoid giant, captures the attention of the locals, causing them fear, and opens a hellish passage for beasts to come hunt the local humans.

The book started out quite impressively. I, as an avid fan of horror, am not easily scared, but during the descriptions of a certain dark and scary night – and the murder of a mother and a son on the island – I felt a slight chill run down my spine. The general feel of the monsters in this book was also pretty scary and the story unfolded one terrifying picture after the other.

If "The Seeing" had kept this up, I would have been completely hooked. From the mythology represented in the book, to the terrifying unholy trinity that is the Morrigan, I was enjoying myself very much.

Unfortunately, as we went deeper into the feelings and actions of the characters – while they were trying to save themselves from eminent doom – I felt like we missed out on an opportunity to learn more about the Sidhe. The part of the story where Branna was with her birth family was entirely skipped for vague descriptions of how her powers work while she is using them. Had there been more information about the actual workings of the Sidhe, I would have felt a lot more immersed into the characters' world. Additionally, the insta-love between Branna and Michael was not as convincing as it was supposed to be.

The book won merit with its interesting take on Irish mythology and folklore, as well as the description of the connection between folklore and religion (Christianity), which is palpable even outside the world of "The Seeing". The horror element added to the apocalyptic feel of novel, as well.

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Published on May 15, 2019

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