The Saga of Ol' Rausch



A collection of three works featuring the Rauschmonstrum aka Ol' Rausch, the most remarkable being of all time. In the first part "The Gospel of the Rauschmonstrum," he puts the events of the Gospels into motion. In the second part, "Interviews With the Rauschmonstrum," he reveals himself and his works to the world and becomes a celebrity, the consequences of which are explored through an interview format. In the final part "The Rauschmonstrum & Jesus Reunite," he is reunited with an old acquaintance which shifts his perspective on reality in an enormous way.

The Rauschmonstrum’s Game

It’s time to introduce the Rauschmonstrum. The RauschmonstrumHe was a shapeshifting monster able to perform feats which humans would view as miracles or dark magic. If he wanted to make an apple appear in front of him, he could do that, and if he wanted to transform himself into an apple, he could do that too. 

           The Rauschmonstrum had a problem, he was alone. There were no creatures like him, and although he had the power to do almost anything, one thing he could not do was fashion a friend for himself who was on his level. Along with being alone in this way, theHowever, the Rauschmonstrum was alone in an even bigger way for he knew there was no God. He knew this was so because he had been around more or less as long as humanity, and he had never seen or had contact with anything resembling a dDeity, and through his experiences seeing the horrors inevitable in a human life, he did not see evidence for a divine plan which would inspire faith in him despite that absence.

           As a result of all of this, The Rauschmonstrum could not find a purpose for himself, and he spent many nights howling away in reaction to the lack of moral order in the universe. To deal with his pain, he spent a lot of time distracting himself in various ways. He traveled around the globe developing an expertise of the natural science. He went to the great cities, observing empires as they rose and fell. The more he examined human society, the more humanity fascinated him and the more he thought of it as an endless fountainhead for his own entertainment. Human affairs, no matter how trivial, were simply never boring to him.

           The Rauschmonstrum had many, many adventures in the ancient world, and it would take hundreds of books to recount them all (perhaps one day those books will be written). However, perhaps his greatest adventure of all began circa the year 27 when he was living in the Middle East.

At that time, he hatched a plan. At this point in my existence, I believe I have met every single type of person there is. These humans all want guidance; they want a moral code set in stone, much like I do. And yet there is no divine master around to set up this code. After all, it is in man’s nature to believe those who offer them their desires, particularly when these they people show they can do things regular people cannot do. I think I will do it myself. I will be the master they seek, and with the powers I have, I can perform any task they ask of me to prove my divinity. It is simple, for the template of such an action is already in place. There had been that deluded man Abraham, who had convinced his community of Yahweh, and there was that continuation of that the myth by Moses, with his staff, and supposed commandments from God. I will take the form of a perfect figure,. sSomeone whose circumstances of life and death will be so extraordinary, that his name will live forever. His teachings will spread the world. Countries will be ruled by his laws. Wars fought, people slain, it will be glorious. And all for the sake of a few chuckles on my end.

           And so, the Rauschmonstrum started about constructing the character he would play. Someone of endless charismatic authority who people would be willing to die for. He went about that the preparatory process the way he watched actors in Greece prepare for their theatre roles. Then he realized something;, that it would be too easy and the thrill too short. The thrill of it would run out too quickly. No, instead, the thing to do was find someone who could carry this the mission out for him,. aA patsy who really believed he was chosen by God to carry out a message. The Rauschmonstrum would have this person go about their life, truly believing they were set apart from everyone else, completely willing to give up their life for the cause. And then at the very end, with this person on the verge of death, he would tell this person it was all a joke. The Rauschmonstrum chuckled at the thought of his scheme. “This will all work out beautifully.

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