The Rising: Awakening


Loved it! 😍

Enjoyable to the fullest, this book catered to my need for gothic horror

I was instantly drawn towards the book when I first laid my eyes on the blurb. The concoction of archeology unearthing an ungodly secret is always a winner if excellently narrated. The story captured my attention starting from the prologue and if that is not the makings of a good book, I do not know what is.

Samuel is an archeologist who inherits a gold talisman. Being in a profession of curiosity and a talk with his grandfather, he vows to uncover its secrets. And that leads to the events that make the story of The Rising.

Apart from the fascinating storyline, the most appealing thing about the book was the vivid narration that has lifted the story up a notch. The author has been careful not to be heavy-handed with too many details and in the process, has saved the readers from being bored and in the worst case, leaving the book unfinished.

While reading the book, flashes of movies like Indiana Jones and Tomb raider combined with supernatural elements came to mind. That made the reading experience a whole lot exciting.

The characters are well written and there is a good balance of thrill and action. Even though the story fits into several genres at once, there is no confusion and the story does not run all over the place. I could keep easy track of the events that were happening in the book. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and awaiting more from the author. Recommended to readers of horror, especially gothic horror. (18+ recommended)

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Published on November 01, 2020

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Horror

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