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The Queen's Dog


Loved it! 😍

A fascinating crime story involving the royal court of an ancient Syrian kingdom.

From the very beginning is clear that a lot of research went into The Queen's Dog, which is incredible. I enjoyed learning about the world that this characters inhabited as much as I enjoyed reading their story. This is was helped by the detailed and descriptive writing as well as good pacing. I will admit that the story had a bit of a slow start but I never found the story monotonous, in fact, I hard a hard time putting it down because I wanted to know what would happened, especially after certain events happened. With every chapter, the story became more captivating and fascinating.

The main character, Naheshi, is a eunuch slave who falls in love with his queen, a young, beautiful and vain woman with a secret. And a deadly one at that.

It's so fascinating to read all of this events unfold and follow Naheshi, as well as other characters, on this journey. The characters in this story are well developed and they feel like real people. Truth be told, the more I read, the more I felt for Naheshi and also, I became more immersed in the story. I wanted to know what would happen in the next page.

The Queen's Dog does a wonderful job at taking you back to a different time. The historical context of this story is well presented and it never feels like there's too much exposition given in one sitting. I appreciated the historical notes, glossary and genealogy of the royal characters but I specifically loved the maps. This just takes the experience to a different level and I truly enjoyed it.

If you like historical fiction, I highly recommend this novel. If you like ancient kingdoms and civilizations, I highly recommend this novel as well. I had no idea what to expect as this is not the usual area of historical fiction that I read but I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to read more of N.L. Holmes' work.

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I love reading and sharing my thoughts with others to encourage them to read something they might not know existed or perhaps had some misconceptions about the work. I also love discovering the hidden gems of the literary world.

About the author

N.L. Holmes is the pen name of a professional archaeologist. She has excavated in Greece and in Israel, and taught ancient history at the university level for many years. She has always had a passion for books, and in childhood she and her cousin (also a writer today) used to write stories for fun. view profile

Published on January 15, 2021

110000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Historical Fiction

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