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Not for me 😔

Though its pacing and style are problematic, fans of the supernatural and romance genres might find enough to keep themselves entertained.

Blending paranormal romance with action and adventure, Jennifer Dowd’s The Prophecy introduces us to a world of werewolves, vampires and witches as Tess Mackenzie discovers her place in the community she didn’t know existed. There are elements about the supernatural lore that feel familiar, but the author introduces some unique elements that keep it feeling fresh, particularly in terms of the pack connection and the way the werewolf can interact.  Unfortunately that’s also where it became a little problematic for me: the supernatural elements feel dropped into the story so suddenly that it feels jarring, and the newer spins don’t always get enough time to breathe, as we charge headlong towards the main conflict.

The result is the pacing feels rushed, which I felt particularly hurts the climax of the book. There are also consistent issues with spelling, grammar and style (for example “breading” when the context meant “breeding”, “herd” needing heard, and so on) that made it hard to stay invested. The characters also fall a little flat stylistically, given that the majority of their speeches end with “said”; things long for a little more colour and expression!

That being said the characters are generally likeable and make for enjoyable reading: it’s great to see a strong, feisty female character like Tess within a romance novel and refreshing to see her so accepting of the part she must play, and I particularly enjoyed her relationship with Arthur and the bond between the Beauclaire brothers- banter and beignets abound!

Tess’s romantic relationship with Beau again feels like a bolt from the blue, but nonetheless it’s charming (a little steamy here and there) and endearing as it becomes the important element to her arc and credibility as a character, learning to love and be loved. There’s a strong sense of family, loyalty and finding one’s place in this book, and that’s the element that feels most potent and what I took away from reading: it’s a very brave author that chooses a  supernatural world to explore these themes and whilst all the elements aren’t showcased to the best at all times, hence why it doesn’t get a higher rating, fans of the supernatural and romance genres might find enough to keep themselves entertained.

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Jennifer Dowd is a writer, photographer, painter and author of the new novel ‘The Prophecy.’ She has spent many years reading romance novels and now has written her own. She lives and works in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. view profile

Published on May 06, 2020

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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