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The Pinebox Vendetta


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If you're looking for a political drama with a hint of mystery check out THE PINEBOX VENDETTA.

 THE PINEBOX VENDETTA begins on the open sea with venom-tinted liquor and a ten million briefcase; it’s one of the best first chapters I’ve read in some time. 

That said, the action-packed espionage set up changes with chapter two. The story jumps forward ten years and places you in the shoes of Sam; a woman whose marriage is rocky, basically broke, and who is banking her future on a documentary she plans to make while attending her 20-year reunion at Yale.

It’s this documentary about the Pinebox Vendettta that the plot stems from, making the book a political drama with a hint of mystery. 

None of the characters, aside from Joss who is Sam’s daughter, are very likable. It’s all "us" vs. "them," which sadly, is how politics work. There are two families, the Gallaghers and the Pruitts. We meet many members of each, but the main faces are Jamie Gallagher, who’s the one making a backhanded deal in chapter one, and Rock Pruitt, a coke-addicted womanizer who gets swept up in his families political schemes. 

The pace is slower until chapter 7, but then an item is found, there’s a lot of history dug up, and the end has some nice twists to it. If you are in the mood for a political drama about a century old family feud, you’ll enjoy THE PINEBOX VENDETTA.

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Published on April 15, 2020

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