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The Part Time Startup


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Part Time Startup is a guide for persons who are currently employed full time but want to know what kind of business they are to create.

There are many persons who would like to start their own business but are fearful of leaving their current jobs. It can get scary sometimes to leave your 9 – 5 even when you hate your boss and your job. However, if persons had someone to walk them through the process, more people would walk away from the horrible jobs they tolerate out of fear. This is where D.M. Christensen comes in and saves the day. The author provides a roadmap for employed persons who desire to grow a business while deciding when to quit their jobs.

I understand and love the book because I think this is great business advice for persons who are not sure how to proceed. I left my full-time job last December to run the small business I started while I was still employed as a Librarian. If I had this book, it would not have taken me five years to make that transition. The author reminds persons about the real reason startups fail. I believe that people really need to hear that bit of information because too many blame their ideas when the business fails. D.M. Christensen does not only focus on the startup, but also on the attitude of the person starting the business. This is the winning combination that so many other books are missing. The book is easy to read with not too many pages.

“While choice is important, both action and non-action are equally critical.”

In Part Time Startup, the author provides three different options for creating a startup. The options include a business that will always be a side hustle, a business that will become full time, or a business that will secure your retirement. Whatever the selected option, D.M. Christensen advises everyone to think about how the startup will affect their end goal. The book discusses relevant areas that will make or break a startup.

If you are looking for ways to gain control of your life, then this book is for you. If you hate your boss and your job (even if it is high paying) and need a change, this book is for you. I recommend this book to those who have great startup ideas but lack the confidence to move forward. 

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Mardene Carr is from the beautiful Island of Jamaica. She is a trained Librarian, doctoral student, blogger, journal reviewer, proofreader,and editor. She has authored several journal articles and blog posts. Mardene is also a motivational speaker and international student coach.

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Author of "The Part Time Startup" & soon to be released "Masters of the Bullshitting Arts." D. M. Is a successful entrepreneur & on the fast track in corporate America, constantly working corporate priorities and progressing. Learn how to integrate work & life! The humour makes these a must read. view profile

Published on January 08, 2020

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