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The Part Time Startup- Building a Business while working full time


Not for me 😔

Very little of the book is related to the title, and half of it is written by someone else. A few good points are discussed on the subject.

Mr. Christensen has a lot of potential as an author, yet still has much to learn. One of the most fundamental points to keep in mind when writing a book is to have its contents inextricably linked to its title, but that is something Christensen doesn't seem to follow here, as less than a tenth of his book (24 of 268 pages) concretely discusses the matter of "Building a Business while working full time." Additionally, over 50% of it isn't even written by the author himself, but just a classic placed into his own book to fill space. If I wanted to read the work of George Clason rather than that of Mr. Christensen I wouldn't have read this book, so that certainly shouldn't have been included, or, if anything, just been discussed briefly in one or a few chapters.

Based on the title, the third part of the book should've been the main framework, and the advice offered in the two first incorporated therein. The 24 main pages should've been expanded upon, step-by-step discussed the various difficulties that can arise when starting a business while working or studying full-time, and provided specific principles and processes to follow in order to have as high a probability of success as possible. Self improvement in different spheres of life is certainly relevant for this, but should be tied into this discussion rather than be treated separately.

Regarding the 24-page-long key discussion itself, it does indeed provide some useful guidelines. Having read some of the classics in the field like Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Extreme Ownership, I don't consider The Part Time Startup to have anything that one cannot also find in such books, but that is a rather high standard to set for an amateur author. Still, Mr. Christensen does indeed make some important points to keep in mind when making decisions on what kind of business to establish, challenges and precautionary measures, having an ends-oriented perspective, do's and don'ts when getting business partners, choosing mentors, etc. This shows, I think, that Christensen has a lot of good advise to offer, but that much of its perceived value may to many readers get lost in the way it's communicated, and that there is significant room for improvement in terms of the structure of the book.

If there's one piece of advice I'd offer the author for future writing, it'd be to study the classics and his own favorite books, and derive lessons from how these seem to have been written so well. If one looks carefully, one may learn quite a bit from this book, but the author has the responsibility to make this as simple and clear-cut as possible for the average reader.

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Published on October 12, 2019

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