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The Other Gloria


Worth reading 😎

An interesting psychological thriller that's reminiscent of Sliding Doors and keeps you hooked until the end.

I was intrigued by the plot of this book when I first read it.

I love a twisty psychological read and The Other Gloria definitely has some twists and turns that will make any thriller reader happy. The thought of waking up next to your abuser when you thought you were finally free of him is a terrifying one and a great premise for a book. 

Gloria handles it well, keeping her calm and jumping back into her wifely role as best she can so as not to arouse any suspicion in Charles that something is wrong. I think the main motivation for this is the fact that her two daughters are there and she wants to keep them safe from their father. 

Throughout the whole book, it’s her children that keep Gloria focused on what she has to do and I really admired that about the character. She’s a good mother who cares about her daughters, even to the point of not telling her youngest about Rick when they first start talking for fear of scaring her.

The two daughters themselves are surprisingly well-adjusted considering the impact their father must have had on them as children, and I think this comes back to the care that Gloria gave them in trying to protect them from him.

The story does get a little bit confusing now and again.

The Other Gloria jumps between the past that Gloria finds herself waking up in (2003) and the present that she was in before she fell unconscious in the car (2017). 

Now, I don’t mind a story that jumps between years. If it’s done well it can heighten tension and make for great storytelling. But at times, the two different timelines in this story became confusing for me, especially later in the book when she meets Rick in both timelines (I won’t say too much more so as not to spoil anything). 

It wasn’t so confusing that it made me want to stop reading, but there were a few times I had to pause at the beginning of a chapter to try to remember where Gloria was and what situation she was in at the particular time. If you’re okay with putting in that little bit of extra effort then the time jumping won’t be an issue for you.

I liked most things about this book, but …

… I found that the writing was a little bit cringy and difficult to read at times. This was most apparent when Gloria and Rick first start chatting on the phone. The flirty talk sounded forced and just not very authentic. I’m no flirting expert so maybe that’s just me, but it made me wince a bit reading some of that.

In saying that, I liked this book overall. The story is interesting and keeps you hooked even when you’re not sure what year Gloria is in. The characters are believable and enjoyable to read and you root for Gloria. You want her to be happy with Rick and her kids, away from Charles. 

The Other Gloria is a book worth reading if you like a twisty story with a satisfying ending.

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Lori Villafane lives in Granbury, Texas, with her husband, Larry, her standard poodle, Doodle, and a very sassy tabby rescue named Diva. Although her debut novel, The Other Gloria, is a work of fiction, she has drawn from her own experience living with dissociative disorder to create Gloria. view profile

Published on October 15, 2019

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