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The Offline Dating Method


Worth reading 😎

A good introduction on how to conduct yourself in the presence of a real human being, whether you intend to date that human being or not.

I picked this book out because its topic goes back to the basics of human contact. In these days of technological advancements, face-to-face interaction has become such a strange concept. Relationships are usually first forged virtually—via texts, emails, and yes, dating sites—before any in-person human contact happens.

My expectation was simple. I was expecting a discourse on the merits of offline dating, i.e. the initial interaction being in person, versus the drawbacks of initiating contact through a dating site. For the form, I visualised something like "[This point] is one of the good things about offline dating; if you meet a dating prospect through a dating site, [this point] is a bad thing that might happen. It's why offline dating is better."

This expectation was met somewhat because this book contains a lot of amazing tips for meeting a prospect without using a dating site. It wasn't met completely, though, because while the author seems to reject dating sites altogether, the rejected concept seems to have been ignored. I would have wanted a discussion of the downside of it, aside from the obvious, of course, that you might meet the perfect axe murderer that way.

The various tips given in the book seem to be extremely useful. I enjoyed— unsuccessfully but interestingly—employing the more subtle tips in the bunch, like preventing a resting bitch face by having your mouth partially open and leaning my body towards a nearby stranger. While they may not have resulted in my getting asked out on a date, I felt much braver and more open to possibilities after having tried them out. I'm definitely open to trying out the more aggressive tips. Although I'm not consciously looking for a date, the advice might work to endear me to another person for whatever purpose I may achieve by that.

The author mentions in one of the first few chapters that the advice given in the book applies for both men and women. Further along, however, even that statement was abandoned, with the author very obviously talking to a heterosexual female reader. I would change that initial disclaimer and say perhaps that although the tips may be applied by any gender, the author's assumption is that it's a straight woman reading it.

While I'm not very comfortable about the occasional manipulative tendency and inconsistency of some tips, for example, being authentic versus harnessing a persona, I get that trying to reel someone in may sometimes require trying out different things.

Give this book a go. If for nothing else, it will be fun to imagine yourself as its main character, like I did.

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Published on September 17, 2019

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