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A perfect book for Halloween, multi-cultural children meet new friends in this story about tolerance and understanding.

Wow! I love Halloween, and I love reading to kids. This new book is the best of both worlds - Halloween fun and a great, rhyming story perfect for cold autumn nights. In this fanciful tale, real monsters want to join in on the Halloween fun, while children dress up and explore the festive night. When the two groups meet, what will happen? In this spooky-fun story of tricks and treats, friendship may be the sweetest treasure of all!

The story reminds me of a much happier version of the Halloween book that scared me out of my socks when I was little. I well remember Dr. Seuss' What was I Scared of? the hair-raising story of pale green pants with no one inside them. The Night that Monsters are not Monsters conveys the same message of friendship and tolerance as Dr. Seuss' classic work - but without keeping young children up at night worrying that ethereal pants will come to get them.

I absolutely love this book. The art is so gentle and beautiful, and all of the children and monsters are multi-cultural in the truest sense. The costumes are festive, the expressions are perfect, and the colors are lovely and soft. This is one of the best-illustrated books to come out recently. The rhyming text has a few bumps, but is successful overall. And a good message about understanding and tolerance is much-needed in this day and age. As a historian, I have seen just how badly people are hurt when understanding does not exist. We should never, ever feel as if a culture is inferior to our own, simply because it is different. This book shares that message of tolerance and cultural sensitivity, without coming across as preachy. Avoiding real-world examples while working to solve a real-world problem, this gentle book shows the importance of tolerance in a safe environment.

This book would be perfect for classroom or library reading, or for a wonderful time at home. A book children will love to read over and over again, this is a must-have for anyone who loves all things Halloween. The Night Monster are not Monsters is a sweet, heart-warming tale sure to brighten any dark autumn evening.

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Hello! I am Dakota Love, and I am an indie author, blogger, and book reviewer. I have published over forty indie titles, including "The Allies: Family and Friends", "The Guardian of Freedom", and "Coyote Stories: Legends of a Manitou." I love nothing better than to discover new stories.


It’s Halloween! It’s time to dress up and play; it’s time to celebrate! Did you ever stop and wonder if the monsters we fear would want to dress up and celebrate as well? And that, maybe, they aren’t as scary as we think? It’s possible...

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Amal Abdul-Hussein is an author who grew up in the capital of Canada, Ottawa, ON. After exploring children’s literature, she entered the world of poetry and decided it was time to make use of the words that her heart was begging to say. view profile

Published on September 17, 2020

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