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The Needs of the Heart


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"The Needs Of The Heart" by Philip Anderson is a beautiful piece of writing regarding the emotions of our heart and soul."

"The Needs Of The Heart" by Philip Anderson is a very interesting book. The author discusses a very important topic and brings it to the attention of the readers. The focus of the book is on the emotions and feelings that work behind our daily life events. Anderson wants to guide us in a way that will make us feel better and for our society to become a respectable place for all of us.

According to the author our emotions are as important as the principles that work behind all the important things of our life.

For instance, "There is a place in our hearts that knows only darkness. There is a place in our hearts that can only accept the hate, the pain, the fury, the vengeance, the loneliness, and the bitterness given to it. There is a place in our hearts that thrives on negativity. It clings to us; it yearns for us to accept it. For its appeal is easy, its results instantaneous, but what it has in store for us will destroy us."

I think the author has done a very beautiful job of writing about the feelings and emotions that are close to our hearts. We neglect those emotions but they play a very powerful role in developing our character, destiny and fate. They live inside us. Like our twin souls.

The author has unveiled a world that we never thought about before. The book is a great way of learning for all of us. It's a wonderful process of learning, learning about ourselves. I hope readers will really enjoy reading it!

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Phillip Anderson was born in 1995 in Queens, New York. Phillip Considers the pursuit of character, self-discovery, and living a spiritually fulfilling life most important to him. He is a middle school Substitute Teacher positively impacting the minds of the future generation in his community. view profile

Published on December 08, 2020

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