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The Morpheus Decision


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Assassination, single-minded investigation, and way too many murderous revelations give us a mystery to remember.

The Morpheus Decision is the tenth book in Seeley James's A Pia Sabel Mystery: Sabel Security series. It gives readers an international mystery that will appeal to anyone looking for a detective crime novel. Despite being the tenth book in the series, I didn't find myself too lost, but I'd promote starting with the first novel as far as clearer background and character knowledge. 

To begin, the start of this book hurls the reader into instant action and curiosity. We're introduced to a woman as she's being murdered, and I have to say, it amps up the anxiety while providing an intense hook. You're drawn into the last moments of Chloe England's life and her last phone call. 

Pia is brought into the murder investigation by DI Jeff Benton when she learns she's the last person Chloe called. Now, Pia wants to figure out who and why Chloe England, once hardcore athlete turned English constable, was killed. Could it have something to do with the dream center at the Morpheus Institute? (This is where I start to see a short-lived parallel to the movie Inception.)

Seeley James gives readers a solid character who is dealing with stress, her past, her present, and the security company her father left her. I liked Pia's character for the most part and saw her as a leader with determination and perseverance, but as much as I admired her personality, something prevented me from really connecting with her. 


Perhaps it's because I'm coming into this party with the tenth book, but I felt a bit afloat on all of the subplot deviations, characters, plot dynamics, and complex weaving of scenes. There's so much information being thrown about and so many characters to remember that it felt difficult keeping up with it all. Also, there were a few characters who kind of bugged me, and they didn't grow on me over time either.

This would be a worthy read for anyone who appreciates a complicated, suspenseful, and in-depth plot. One of my favorite parts was in the back where the author shares "Truth in Fiction." He's definitely done his homework on what he writes, and I'd say he's thorough and thoughtful. Basically, I liked the concept, appreciated the effort, commend the author for his hard work, and recommend it to anyone who enjoys international crimes and amateur sleuths. This is why I'm giving it a 3/5 rating as "worth a read." 

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Single at age 19, Seeley James chose to adopt a 3-year-old girl who later became the inspiration for his literary heroine, Pia Sabel. A lover of thrillers, mystery, and spy novels, he’s an avid hiker who can be found at the Grand Canyon. He lives and writes in Scottsdale with his wife and dog. view profile

Published on January 19, 2021

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