The Monkey King Goes to America



Many heroes come and go, some succeed and become legends. Many heroes have been around for decades. Most have trouble staying relevant long term. The Monkey King, known as Sun Wu Kong, has been around for over five centuries. Adventuring from China to India, cloud leaping, shape shifting, and killing his way through demons at every turn.

The Monkey King being rebellious by nature is kept in line by the Buddha and made to serve the good of humanity. He uses his intelligence and all his magic tricks at his disposal. Now he finds his journey has taken him all the way west to the continent of North America.

The Monkey King together with Pigsy and Sandy embark on an adventure to save America. Along the way they learn valuable lessons about friendship, trust, and happiness. Based on the heroism theme, the trio travel across the United States from New York City to the Grand Canyon. Through team work and corporation, Sun the Monkey and friends must save America from the Underwater Dragon King.

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Jeffrey Frisone is the founder of Monkey King Comics Publishing Company. Jeffrey has worked in the past as a retail owner for a comic book shop, a real estate agent, rental management, and a pizza delivery driver. Jeffrey now spends his days between flipping houses and his writing. view profile

Published on January 01, 2020

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Genre: Children's