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The Miracle Prince: The Power of the Pearl


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A fun, new world for young readers to explore and expand their imaginations.

The Miracle Prince: The Power of the Pearl by William Edmonds is a fun, somewhat familiar story. An orphaned boy, magic, evil creatures, and adventure in spades, The Miracle Prince is reminiscent of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Edmonds uses familiar stories and characters and builds upon them, using his voice and technique.

Alaric Swift is sent from foster home to foster home with no sense of belonging. His luck takes a turn for the worse when he lands in a new home with less than average foster parents. John and Sue seem nice enough, but Alaric quickly discovers their dark sides.

‘Alaric Swift,’ John said softly, a slight smile surfacing on his face. Slowly, he opened his mouth as though about to yawn, but he did not shut it. Just as had happened with Sue, two sharp, pinkish teeth sprouted out of his gums like a nib out of a pen being clicked. ‘The Miracle Prince, I’m sure you will taste so delicious. We’ve never eaten such royalty before.’

Confused and terrified, Alaric is quickly rescued and whisked away from danger. Mr. Solomon, Alaric's mentor of sorts, takes him through a portal to Harramore, Land of the Nephilim. It's here where Alaric discovers who he is and who he is meant to be.

Edmonds mixes dark fantasy with a coming-of-age tale that is sure to excite young readers. His intelligent writing style and creative world-building make for a fantastic story. Though the premise seems familiar, William Edmonds makes his mark in the Middle-Grade fantasy genre. I enjoyed the fast-paced plot and clever characters. Middle-Grade stories are perfect for ages eleven through fourteen, but this book is great for older teens, too. The Miracle Prince: The Power of the Pearl will keep your kids delightfully entertained with reading, forgetting computers and smart screens.

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I was born in Warwick, England in 2000 and have been creating stories for as long as I can remember. The Power of the Pearl is my first novel and was released in 2021. He is currently working on the next instalment in the series. I live in the United Kingdom with my two cats and three lizards. view profile

Published on January 29, 2021

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Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

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